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Ten Years and Growing: March - June 2011

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, Partner for Surgery continues to transform lives.  The last three months have seen medical missions, surgical teams, a successful fundraiser, new staff and recognition from Rotary International.  The work goes on, with our patients providing the inspiration to move forward.



Partnership Accomplishes Miracles

In May, Partner for Surgery brought together Canada's Project Hands and Guatemalan reconstructive surgeons Drs. Lourdes Santiso and Jeane Fuenmayer to help 32 burn victims - mostly children. Project Hands provided anesthesiologists, nurses, supplies and staff and Lourdes and Jeane provided their world-class surgical care. The surgeries were just the beginning, however, as burns require extremely intensive post-operative care. These lives will continue their transformation at Lourdes' burn clinic in Guatemala City with Partner for Surgery providing support and transportation for post-operative visits.

A youngster named Denis Oliverio Caal Toc exemplifies the life changing impact of this collaborative medical care. When Denis was two, he lit himself on fire early one morning trying to light a candle. He was wearing a nylon t-shirt and the fire spread quickly. Denis' mother was getting water when the accident happened and unable to return to the house quickly. As a result, Denis' arm and chest were badly burned and, with the burns left untreated, his arm became fused to his torso. After hearing one of our youth radio broadcasts, Denis' family brought him to a Partner for Surgery medical mission where he was evaluated and scheduled for surgery. Denis, now four, was accompanied to Clinica Barbara by his father.  Surgery was successful and full mobility should be regained. Denis is excited about throwing a ball again and helping his father on their farm.

The Word is Out

Jonathan Osiel Tec Pop was featured in the winter 2010 newsletter when he was brought to a Partner for Surgery medical mission at one month weighing just six pounds. Unable to nurse because of a severe cleft lip and palate, Jonathan would have perished without medical assistance. Instead, Jonathan is healthy and happy because he was enrolled in the Partner for Surgery Nutrition Program and, when he had recovered strength and health, had surgery for his lip and then his palate.

This March, a Partner for Surgery medical mission visited Jonathan in his home, crossing the same rugged terrain that Jonathan's family and Partner for Surgery faithfully crossed every two weeks when Jonathan was in the nutrition program. The family insisted on serving a "gratitude" lunch which was a joyful and memorable experience for all. Jonathan and his family are very grateful for Partner for Surgery and have been spreading the word in the community. Thankfully, Jonathan will not be just another Guatemalan infant mortality statistic.

The Partner for Surgery Nutrition program has already proven its value. Nestle is providing formula at cost for infants where the mother's milk has ceased because the baby is unable to nurse. Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Coleman and associates have donated 300 special nursing bottles required to provide nutrition to children with severe cleft lip and palate as well as a number of manual breast pumps which can be used if the mother and Partner for Surgery are able to connect soon after the child is born.

Two Fresh Faces: Lindsay Coker and Fife Bentley

Lindsay Coker has hit the ground running as Partner for Surgery's In-Country Director. Lindsay directs operations in Guatemala which include managing staff, handling logistics for teams at Clinica Barbara's surgical center, and coordinating activities with Partner for Surgery's affiliated Guatemalan organizations. Lindsay is an experienced lawyer and former director of two women's clinics in the U.S. She is excited to bring together medical professionals and the local Guatemalans who so desperately need health care.

Fife Bentley is Director of Rural Operations for Partner for Surgery. He leads PfS medical missions in rural areas, handling logistics, preparations and management of our team of nearly thirty local health promoters. Fife also directs PfS programs in infant nutrition, cervical cancer prevention and youth radio. He earned a Master's degree in Tax Accounting and worked as an accountant for several years before joining the Peace Corps, where he was an eco-tourism advisor in rural Guatemala.

Welcome, Fife and Lindsay!

In closing, Partner for Surgery would like to express deep thanks and appreciation to all of our staff, volunteers and donors.  Together, we have truly made a difference in the lives of thousands who are among the neediest in the world.