August  2012

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What's New at ROCK'n & JAM'n?

Given enough time, change is inevitable. Whether it's computer applications that have become old and antiquated, processes that need to be streamlined, or general upkeep and facility maintenance, change, no matter how painful, is inevitable. Let me elaborate... I have been working on a mass data migration and system upgrade for the better part of a year now. Well, it's actually been in the front of my mind for a year and in the back of my brain for quite a bit longer. Changes in software and systems generally means reevaluating our current processes and procedures. And, while we're at it, why not make some changes to the look and feel of ROCK'n & JAM'n.  So, as we "fall" forward, bear with us as we embrace our new technology and learn the new processes that come with it. As we master these new processes, customer check-in will be a lot smoother and more efficient. As I tell our staff, we will all be the better for it! Trust me!

- Deb

Modified Hours of Operation for RJ1 and RJ2

 We will be CLOSED on Sunday, August 26th

for our annual Staff Appreciation Ski Party.


We will be CLOSED on Labor Day weekend

Saturday, Sept 1st - Monday, Sept 3rd

for a system upgrade and facility maintenance.


Have a safe and happy holiday! 

And now the question of the day...
Do I really need to sign a new waiver?  

Sorry, but the answer is yes, and here is why...


1) In order to take full advantage of the features of our new software, we were required to merge our RJ1, RJ2, and Outdoor waivers into a single document. This means that you will no longer need to sign multiple waivers if you want to climb at both RJ1 and RJ2.


2) Since we are migrating the database, this is a great opportunity to ensure that we have accurate data as we move forward.


3) We've adopted the industry standard that requires everyone to sign a new waiver each year.

Youth Programs are starting!

 Pre-registration is required



A comprehensive semester based series of ongoing classes for kids 8-11 years old. In order to ensure and instill safety in our next generation of climbers we will take the entire semester to teach them how to tie their knot, belay, and to perform safety checks. Above all else we want them to have FUN!! There will be plenty of time for learning technique, games, and meeting new friends also. No experience necessary.


Fridays 6:00- 7:30PM

8/19 - 12/16 (No class 9/2 and 11/25)

$250 for semester (sixteen classes)



Fantastic training for kids 12-18 years old of ALL abilities. School is designed to be self paced so individual needs are met. Students will receive instruction on an individual basis as well as in a group setting. Topics covered will include climbing technique, climbing
history, physical training advice, advanced rope work and goal
setting. These components are compiled and tailored to the needs of the student with the intention of encouraging growth and focus within the discipline of climbing, whether that is lead climbing, bouldering, or competition. All classes are taught by our professional staff of instructors.

Students must be belay certified prior to the first day of class.

Mondays (RJ2 only) & Wednesdays 6 - 8:30PM

Wednesdays : 8/29/12 - 12/19/12 (No class 11/21)
Mondays (RJ2) : 8/27/12 - 12/17/12 (No class 9/3)

All RJ2 Youth School Classes are currently FULL.

Check website for availability.

$350 for semester (sixteen classes)

Cost includes unlimited climbing


Space is limited, so register early.

New wall art 

At ROCK'n & JAM'n 1  

 Thanks to the fabulous work of our counter staff and routesetting crew, we've replaced our mural with some great looking artwork that was generated by Mike on our staff from American Print Archives. And no, those features are NOT climbable!

  Lockerroom upgrade




...and at ROCK'n & JAM'n 2

 What else can I say but

incredibly SPIFFY

We appreciate your business and welcome your comments!
Your friends at ROCK'n & JAM'n
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