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August 23, 2012
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Vanity Fair caricature You may know that this the 25th anniversary year for Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Her career is being honored with an induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame later this fall. Who knew she admires a fellow inductee? And Vanity Fair recently turned the interview tables on Terry with its Proust Questionnaire.


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Megafires: The New Normal In The American Southwest
  2010 NPR, by Doby Photography This summer, huge wildfires burned in parts of the U.S., especially in dry western states like Oklahoma. Though there were fewer fires than usual, they were uncommonly large. Fire scientists say these "megafires" are becoming the new normal, and they believe climate change is making the situation worse.

In a five-part series that begins today on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition Saturday, NPR's Christopher Joyce reports on the changes that are turning the American Southwest into a tinder box. The series also includes Fire Forecast, an interactive map of current and predicted wildfire danger and current fires, updated daily with data from the U.S. Forest Service. The first installment is in the archives at

Election 2012 Special Coverage Plan in Place
Election 2012 As the November 6 election approaches, NPR is planning for a season of special coverage: The Republican National Convention is coming up next week in Tampa, Florida, Monday through Thursday, Aug. 27 through 30. The Democratic National Convention is the following week in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is one day shorter in length, from Tuesday, Sept. 4 through Thursday, Sept. 6.

Jennifer Ludden will host live special coverage each evening of the conventions from NPR headquarters in Washington. The broadcast will include podium speeches, interviews with newsmakers, and analysis from NPR's Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving and NPR National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson. NPR is planning to have two reporters on the floor of each convention to talk to delegates and newsmakers, and to provide analysis.

KGOU, through NPR, will also air the presidential and vice-presidential debates live in October. See the basics of the coverage plan here. Due to the unpredictable nature of live events, all of this is subject to change. But you can be confident that whatever happens before, during or after the election, NPR will be well placed to provide comprehensive coverage.

Reporting Collaboration Examines Worker Safety
blue-collar worker The Center for Public Integrity and NPR are partnering on an occasional series on health, safety and economic threats to U.S. workers in a project called Hard Labor. The most recent piece aired on Morning Edition yesterday, with WBUR's Curt Nickisch reporting on the most dangerous work in the nation: scallop and ground fishing off the New England Coast. Ongoing coverage of black lung in the mining industry from NPR's Howard Berkes is also part of the Hard Labor project.

Intelligence Squared: Should we ban college football?
Intelligence Squared U.S. Recent scandals and a growing concern about head injury have put the negative aspects of college football in the floodlights. Sunday, Aug. 26, Intelligence Squared U.S. debates the motion, "Should we ban college football?" Author and New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell and Buzz Bissinger, journalist and author of the non-fiction book Friday Night Lights, argue on the side of banning the sport. Former NFL pro Tim Green and sports writer Jason Whitlock argue against a ban. Tune in to KGOU's Sunday Radio Matinee at noon for a lively debate.

The Pies of Late Summer
pie Vacations are coming to an end, nights are cooler, and fruit stands are offering fewer peaches and more apples. With the bounty of summer berries depleting, Kitchen Window's Emily Hilliard offers recipes for pies that use the fruits of the "mini-season" between summer and fall, plus Nothing-In-The-House Pie Crust.
Johnny Cash CD Giveaway ~ The Greatest of Johnny Cash
For the first time in one collection, Legacy Recordings has compiled the chart-topping hits of Johnny Cash -- all 19 of them -- in The Greatest: The Number Ones. Enter our drawing to win the CD, plus a DVD/CD combo celebrating the music of Johnny Cash in an all-star tribute concert, We Walk the Line.

Congratulations to our winners!
In our last e-Newsletter, we gave away more tickets to An Evening with Yanni at the Civic Center, to Sally, Kathleen, Michelle, Beth and Robbie!