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August 11, 2011
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105.7 Move Set
Radiolab: Seeking Symmetry
Weekend Blues on FB
Corn Recipes
Puzzle Giveaway

Have you heard the feature series on All Things Considered in which listeners submit their favorite summer sounds? I've thought of my favorite -- rain hitting my window! Here's some interesting info as you listen to your favorite summer sounds.


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Moving Day Scheduled for 105.7 Transmitter
KGOU's signal serving Oklahoma County, 105.7 (KROU), will be under renovation over the next couple of weeks. Starting Aug. 15, the transmitter and the small building it's housed in will be moved to a different tower location in northeast Oklahoma City. The transmitter will then be wired to a new antenna on the tower.

There may be some intermittent signal outages as the work crews disconnect and then reconnect all the different parts in the broadcast chain -- but we hope to keep the disruptions to a minimum. Once the move is complete, we'll be making adjustments to all the equipment to get the best possible sound and coverage from our 105.7 signal. KGOU General Manager Karen Holp has outlined all the details and reasons for this move in a special Manager's Desk report.


Sunday Radio Matinee: Radiolab Seeks Symmetry
Jad and Robert, photo by Alan KleinRadiolab hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich set out in search of order and balance in the world around us, and explore how symmetry shapes our very existence -- from the origins of the universe, to what we see when we look in the mirror. Join them for Radiolab, one of the limited-run programs KGOU airs as part of our Sunday Radio Matinee, Sunday, Aug. 14 at noon.


Morning Edition Series: The Arctic
photo by Jackie Northam/NPREarth is warming, ice is melting, and it's having profound consequences on the roof of the world. It's opening the Northwest Passage to shipping, greening up Greenland, and spurring a rush to grab rights to the riches of the North Pole such as oil, gas, diamonds, and more. Russia, Denmark, Canada and the U.S. all lay some claim to the Arctic. This NPR News series looks at what's at stake, who stands to win and lose, and how this battle could alter the global dynamic. The series begins Monday, Aug. 15 on Morning Edition.


Weekend BluesThe Weekend Blues Joins Facebook
Blues fans can now connect with The Weekend Blues and host 'Hardluck' Jim Johnson on Facebook. Jim will be posting his playlists every week and passing on links and information about Blues musicians, new releases, and things every fan of the Blues should know. "Like" The Weekend Blues on Facebook and get the scoop!


Tiny Desk Concerts' Most Memorable Moments
Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes at the tiny deskImagine a small group of co-workers gathered around a desk, listening to some of the best contemporary singers and musicians. That's the premise behind NPR Music's Tiny Desk Concerts, produced by All Songs Considered's Bob Boilen and Stephen Thompson. After close to 150 performances captured on video, they figured it was time for a look back at some of the most memorable, so far!


photo by Sala Kannan for NPRKitchen Window: Corn, East Indian Style
Food writer Monica Bhide serves this American summer staple with a twist -- spices from her homeland.'s Kitchen Window has colorful and flavorful recipes for Bread and Corn Salad, Rice with Corn, and Peanut Tikkis with Tamarind-Date Chutney.


Giveaways -- Sudoku and KenKen Puzzle Books!
Weekend Edition Sunday's Puzzlemaster, Will Shortz, presents these collections of the popular Sudoku and KenKen numerical puzzles, written by Tetsuya Miyamoto. KGOU will give away one set consisting of Summertime Sudoku and Extreme Sudoku; the second set includes two volumes of KenKen puzzles, plus a collection perfect for kids. Enter the drawings from our Giveaways page, and specify Sudoku or KenKen in the giveaway name.