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February 11, 2010
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Diane Interviews Carl
Be a Friend Drive
Mekong Series
Radiolab Valentine
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Today on ATC: Confidential Informants
They pose as criminals and put their lives on the line to help investigators crack cases. Their work can provide invaluable information for federal agencies battling everything from drug trafficking to international terrorism. Carrie Kahn, reporter, National Desk, Culver City, CABut there is a dark side, where the line between right and wrong often gets blurred.
NPR's Carrie Kahn and The Center for Investigative Reporting's Andrew Becker conducted a special investigation into the shadowy world of confidential informants. Their series was previewed this morning on Morning Edition, and the first report airs this afternoon on All Things Considered.
The Diane Rehm Show
Diane Rehm Interviews Carl Kasell
Two of National Public Radio's most recognized and respected journalists met onstage for a lively conversation on February 2 at George Mason University in Washington. Diane Rehm is known as a probing interviewer, and she gets some unexpected answers from Carl Kasell about his many years behind NPR's news desk and his career in general -- listen to the interview and see a photo slideshow from the event.
Be a Friend, Bring a Friend for Spring Drive
friendsHow often have you told a friend or family member about something you heard on KGOU?  Listeners often tell us that stories they hear on the radio spark conversations with friends, co-workers and others they come in contact with throughout the day.  And these "word of mouth" referrals must be working, because the KGOU audience has grown steadily over the years. 
The spring membership drive is not far away, and we're getting an early start with KGOU's Be a Friend, Bring a Friend Drive.  If you are a contributing member to KGOU, thank you!  Keep spreading the word about the in-depth news coverage that is the hallmark of KGOU, and encourage your friends to help support it.  If you haven't donated yet, our online pledge form is available anytime.
NPR News Series:  The Mekong River Reflects Change
NPR photo by Chris BrownOne of the world's longest waterways, the Mekong River has a fabled and often turbulent history. It passes through six countries as it makes its way to the South China Sea -- a journey of nearly 3,000 miles.
NPR's Southeast Asia correspondent Michael Sullivan traveled down the river, chronicling the societal and economic changes that have come to those who depend on the river for their livelihoods.  His reports begin Monday on All Things Considered, with the first from the source of the Mekong, high on the Tibetan plateau in the mountains of China's Qinghai Province.
Morning Edition:  A Valentine from Radiolab
NASA photoIn 1977, Carl Sagan and Annie Druyan fell in love while creating a "mix tape" of human experience (actually a gold plated record) that was sent into space aboard the Voyager spacecrafts. They included sounds of Annie's heartbeats and breathing -- sounds that she feels captured the wonder of love. Radiolab's Jad Abumrad has their story, tomorrow on Morning Edition.
Celebrating Music from the Civil Rights Movement 
photo credit: Nigel ParryKGOU will broadcast a special concert from PBS, In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement. Tune in Friday night, February 12, at midnight for this Black History Month special.
Natalie Cole, Bob Dylan, Jennifer Hudson, John Mellencamp, Smokey Robinson, and others perform songs from the Civil Rights Movement as well as readings from famous Civil Rights speeches and writings. President Obama will make opening remarks at this concert held in the East Room of the White House.  Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro are guest speakers.
Other specials for Black History Month will air on Sundays in February from 11 a.m. until noon -- check out this week's program, Louis Armstrong's New Orleans, with Wynton Marsalis, at our Limited Run programs page.