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Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year! 



Jazz Bridge did a lot of good work for the Greater Philadelphia jazz and blues community of musicians, singers and fans in 2010: We won't mention everything, but we do want to blow our own horn a wee bit . . .


Dot WatkinsWe helped organist Dot Watkins get a new smile; paid for two broken hot water heaters for a guitarist and a vocalist; obtained a lawyer for guitarist Charles Ellerbe to clear up a problem with the deed to his house; helped a vocalist who was a victim of Daphne Fifieldpredatory lending to keep her house; paid for a new instrument for trumpeter Michael Ray; created and raised money for the Daphne Fund, a fund that has helped the wife of bassist Jason Fifield who is in treatment for breast cancer, and which will help other women in the music community; paid the utility bills for bassist Charles Fambrough, who is dealing with debilitating kidney disease; wrote a medical assistance grant for a musician with a severe head injury; and produced three Neighborhood Concert Series that have put over $12,000 into the pockets of our local artists!Charles Ellerbe


And we could not have done it without ALL of YOU!


Your donations of money, volunteer time, and pro bono services have made everything Jazz Bridge does possible.


Give yourself a big hand! 


And, if you want to get a donation in under the wire for tax purposes, well, we won't stop you. Our Tip Jar is always nearby


Thank you from everyone at Jazz Bridge
Please check out our Web site to discover all that Jazz Bridge has been doing and email us if you have any questions, wish to volunteer, or want to help with fundraising. We sure could use the help! And make time to attend our neighborhood concerts around the area: Your support for the music, supports the musicians.