April 2011  
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Black Walnut Stumps 

Black walnut stumps available. I have more than 24 walnut stumps as a result of logging in February 2011. Sizes are from 14" to more than 30" diameter. They are still in the ground. I can excavate them and load your truck or deliver with my dump truck. Priced according to number purchased and delivery if required. Near Albany, NY. Email Jim.


The February e-news incorrectly listed Niagara Lumber as a sawmill.  It is actually a lumber wholesaler/retailer and moulding/millwork shop.

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New Members

Welcome our newest WoodNet members!  Check them out at www.catskillwoodnet.org and their company websites:

GTO Woodturning

Richmondville, NY 

Beechwoods Barns, Ltd.

Callicoon, NY   

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WLetter from the Editor

First, big "thank you" to those of you who responded to our survey. Over 50 surveys were returned. Your input on a Pure Catskills online store is critical in refining the store idea and figuring out where to go next. Many of you indicated an impressive level of Internet knowledge and experience. This is great news for stepping into the world of e-commerce!

Survey results can be viewed in
my presentation, "An Update on the Proposed Catskill WoodNet Online Store", given at the March Forestry Program Committee Meeting. 

In the weeks and months ahead, we'll be moving forward with the store by developing a business plan and selecting an online store vehicle. We'll also develop workshops designed for wood products companies on topics such as selling products online, social media, and shipping. These workshops will prepare you for taking part in the Pure Catskills
store and using many other tools to increase your Internet sales.

All the best,  

 Joshua VanBrakle

Wood Products Utilization and Marketing Specialist

Watershed Agricultural Council Forestry Program

(607) 865-7790 ext. 112

[email protected]

WIOX Radio Show


Natalie Wightman of Wightman Lumber in Portlandville, Otsego County, NY spoke about her family's business and e-marketing on March 9 on Watershed Wednesdays.     

Egon Cording of EC Woodworking in Delhi, Delaware County, NY spoke about his business on March 30.

Josh VanBrakle talked about woody biomass heating on "From the Forest" on March 23.

If you'd like to be interviewed about your business on the radio, please contact Tara Collins, (607) 865-7090 ext. 226.

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