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March 2011
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Welcome New Waterkeepers!
Update: The Dirty Lie
Update: Save Our Gulf
Update: Pure Farms, Pure Water
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2011 Conference Registration


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Time to ShareI'm following up on an announcement made in the last newsletter about ways to grow your membership. Pursuant to the Board's Fundraising Guidance document (July 2008), the Alliance is able to provide the contact information of Waterkeeper Alliance donors that reside in your individual watersheds for a nominal fee. While we have been engaging in this practice for several years, only a small number of Waterkeeper organizations have taken advantage of this feature. We want to take this opportunity to re-acquaint you with the service because it is a great way to build support with individuals who are already connected to our movement!


If you are interested in obtaining the names and addresses of donors in your watershed, please email me at syoung[at]waterkeeper.org with an Excel spreadsheet that contains a list of zip codes in your watershed. Each zip code should be in its own row, and the name of your Waterkeeper organization should appear in cell A1. In the email, please indicate how many names you hope to obtain. To maintain the efficiency of this process, I will be accepting lists twice per year, throughout March and then again in September. Please note that generating lists from our database is time-intensive and turn-around may exceed 2 weeks.


Once list generation is complete, you will be sent an Excel spreadsheet with the following columns:
  • Title
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Salutation
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
After your list is sent, an invoice will be generated at $.05 per name up to 1,000 names. For 1,000 or more names, a flat rate of $100 will be charged. Feel free to contact me with any questions about the process. I look forward to helping you increase your membership!
conference2011 Conference Reminder: Registration Is Open!
Waterkeepers attend a panel at the 2009 conference in New York City.Please note that the date of the Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois is June 22 - 26, 2011.

Registration (UPDATED!)


Registration for the 2011 conference IS NOW OPEN!
To register, please click here to sign onto The Movement and download the document titled How to Register for 2011 Conference. If you have already read the instruction document and would like to proceed directly to the registration form, please click here


If you are approaching a foundation or donor for travel and registration support for the conference, we have a draft letter you can take and customize for your needs.  Please contact your Waterkeeper Alliance staff Regional Liaison or Regional Coordinator for a copy.

Passports and Visas

If you are traveling from outside of the United States, please be sure your passport will be valid in June.  If you need a visa, Waterkeeper Alliance staff can help you with an invitation letter.
Welcome New Waterkeeper Organizations!
WelcomePlease join us as we welcome Hawkesbury River Waterkeeper to our family of advocates.

The Hawkesbury River Waterkeeper, Alan Midgely, will be located in Australia's Sydney metropolitan area.  Some of the issues the organization will address include urbanization and development, flash flooding and erosion control, sewage and stormwater runoff, reduced river flow, unsustainable recreation, and agricultural pollution. Contact information will be made available soon. Please check Waterkeeper.org for updates.

With this change now taken into account, the total number of Waterkeeper Alliance member organizations stands at 197.
Campaign Update: The Dirty Lie
The Dirty Lie - www.thedirtylie.comWaterkeeper Alliance wants to remind you that the 6th Annual End Mountaintop Removal Week In Washington is coming up soon.

The Week in Washington is an annual event organized by the Alliance for Appalachia, bringing together over 100 citizens from the Appalachian Coalfields and across the nation who care deeply about mountains, clean water and social justice. During the week you will get to meet with members of Congress and their staff about ending mountaintop removal, and make many new friendships with like-minded, amazing people like you!

This year, the event takes place between April 2 and April 6. Register today!

For registration or more information about this event, click here or visit iLoveMountains.org

Campaign Update: Save Our Gulf
Save Our Gulf - www.saveourgulf.orgSave Our Gulf campaign members will be participating in the next Gulf Gathering between March 14 and March 16. The Gulf Gathering is sponsored by Gulf Restoration Network, Gulf Coast Fund, and Save Our Gulf in order to bring organizations along the Gulf coast together for a couple of days of strategic planning. Our goal is to move forward together trying to ensure that the gulf is being restored in fair, equitable, and appropriate ways in the wake of the BP oil disaster.
Save Our Gulf members held our first strategic planning meeting at the Mobile Baykeeper office in mid-February. It was a thoughtful and lively discussion. We came out of the meeting with several long term goals. They include:
  • Restore and protect the gulf through fair, equitable, and appropriate projects
  • Create & support strong & sustainable communities
  • Hold Government accountable to Monitor, Enforce and strengthen regulations
  • Demand transparency and citizen involvement in decision making for the Gulf
  • Communicate the true State of the Gulf
  • Hold Industry Accountable to protect and restore the communities in which they live and work
The oil is still here and our communities are still impacted. We are working hard to keep the ongoing impacts of the BP oil disaster in the spotlight. The Save Our Gulf website is a good place for you to keep updated on what each of the Waterkeepers are doing in each of our watersheds. Each week we post various blogs including the Save Our Gulf Gumbo which quickly highlights each of our work. In the Resources section of the website, we post that week's important media coverage of the Gulf coast. Keep updated by checking out those pages and pass the links along to your friends and family!
Campaign Update: Pure Farms, Pure Water
Poultry FarmIn late 2010, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division (Georgia DNR) began incorporating the revised 2008 National Pollution Discharge System (NPDES) rules and effluent limitation guidelines for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) into their state regulations. However, instead of accurately interpreting those rules and guidelines as intended, the state proposed a range of narrow and wholly-incomplete permitting standards that fail to protect the environment and communities from hazardous CAFO discharges. For example, Georgia DNR proposed replacing an approved requirement obligating all CAFOs that "discharge or propose to discharge" to seek an NPDES permit with a much weaker one pertaining only to those that "will" discharge. The agency also proposed exempting all animal feeding operations using dry manure management systems - especially poultry operations - from permitting requirements; a move that completely ignores federal requirements in place for a almost a decade.

Since Georgia is one of the top poultry production states in the country, approval of these indefensible regulatory amendments will lead to an abundance of alarming and preventable environmental impacts. Instead of sending CAFOs the message that discharging pollutants into our water and air is okay and allowable, state regulatory authorities need to make them comply with mandatory federal requirements. Clean waters require strong implementation of and compliance with the Clean Water Act.  Waterkeeper Alliance and its member organizations will continue the fight to achieve this crucial goal.
An Update From Vyatka Riverkeeper
Vyatka Riverkeeper Grigoriy PoskrebyshevEarlier this year, Vyatka Riverkeeper identified 3 major corporate polluters on the Vyatka River: ARTEKS, Agrofirm DORONIGHY, and KKS. Thanks to Riverkeeper Grigory Poskrebyshev's regular water patrols and interest from local television stations, the organization has been able to collect enough hard data on these polluters to pressure local environmental authorities into opening an investigation.

Vyatka is proud of this recent public action because of the renewed spotlight cast on local water issues in Kirov City. Since the show aired, the organization has managed to initiate a number of new outreach and advocacy projects, including a new city-wide trash cleanup tradition known as the Day of the Vyatka River. The recently-observed International Day of Action for Rivers allowed Vyatka Riverkeeper to take another giant leap forward after the organization managed to clean up a large portion of the Vyatka's coastline and launch a new sturgeon logo designed to represent its work. Recently, Vyatka Riverkeeper staff also attracted a large crowd for a charitable concert river pollution lecture at the Kirov City library and organized a  fundraising exhibition and photography sale for a new project known as Project Revival of the Vyatka River.
Why Waterkeeper
Magdalena Baykeeper Julio SolisEach month in "Why Waterkeeper" we feature a short video interview with someone from the Waterkeeper Alliance community who has something to say about our movement and the work we do each day.

Julio Solis serves as Magdalena Baykeeper and also represents Latin America on Waterkeeper Alliance's Board of Directors.  His charge, the Bahía Magdalena (or Magdalena Bay) is located along the Pacific coast of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur and is renowned for its mangrove swamps and the year-round abundance of wildlife it hosts.  A naval mechanic by training, Julio learned the importance of natural resource conservation at an early age and later turned it into his career. Now, as an award-winning environmentalist, he risks life and limb to fight unchecked development and protect biodiversity on the Baja peninsula.

Here's what Julio had to say about his work and his decision to become a Waterkeeper. The interviewer is Waterkeeper Alliance staff member Ippolita Bacar Di Paola.


Hurricane Creekkeeper John WathenHurricane Creekkeeper John Wathen has been nominated for a 2011 Roosevelt-Ashe Society Conservation Award for the outstanding work he has done to shed continuous light on environmental damage done to Alabama's coastline  in the wake of BP's oil spill disaster.  Nominations for this award are accepted from locations throughout the southeastern U.S. Congratulations John!


Gunpowder Riverkeeper Theaux Le GardeurGunpowder Riverkeeper Theaux Le Gardeur recently received a Conservation Award from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for the role he has played in preventing the spread of Didymosphenia geminata (Didymo) - the non-native, invasive algae also known as "rock snot" - throughout the state.  Since May 2008, Theaux has worked tirelessly to educate Maryland's anglers about an ongoing Didymo invasion at Gunpowder Falls, and has volunteered to maintained 6 wash stations designed to help fishermen avoid spreading the algae that attaches to their waders. Congratulations Theaux!


swimdrinkfishmusic.comCBC 3 radio listeners have voted Lake Ontario Waterkeeper's Swim. Drink. Fish Music (www.swimdrinkfishmusic.com/) one of Canada's top 10 music websites.  The competition remains in full swing, so you still have time to make swimdrinkfishmusic.com #1 in Canada! Vote now! (And, congratulations Lake Ontario Waterkeeper!)

screenOn Screen: Pig Business
Pig Business LogoThe documentary film Pig Business chronicles the investigations of Tracy Worcester as she sets out to discover who pays the true price for Britain's cheap imported pork.  Infiltrating corporate farms in Europe and the U.S., Worcester uncovers the real damage that industrial farming practices have on quality of food, the environment and the health and welfare of agricultural communities.  Film footage reveals overcrowded meat factories, mistreatment of animals, air and water pollution, and threats to local communities and consumers alike.
Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. serves as one of the film's main protagonists.
Click here for a complete film synopsis, trailers and other informative material or visit pigbusiness.co.uk.
onlineOnline: Webinar: Using The Movement
Waterkeeper Webinar: Using The MovementThe latest Waterkeeper Webinar Using The Movement is now available for download and review online.

This 1-hour screencast walks users through the various electronic communication tools made available to the Waterkeeper Alliance community through The Movement located at movement.waterkeeper.org. Topics covered include: account sign-on, community resources, groups, directories, listservs, news, libraries, wikis/notepads, blogs, and forums.
fyiFor Your Information...
GrantsEnvironmental Education Grant Funding from U.S. EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is accepting grant applications for $1.9 million in funding for environmental education projects and programs. The purpose of the grants is to promote environmental stewardship and help develop knowledgeable and responsible students, teachers and citizens. Informational conference calls will take place on March 21 and April 26. Click here for details.


RiverNetwork/Groundwork Urban Waters Capacity Building

This grant is being offered to improve our nation's impaired urban water resources - rivers, lakes, wetlands and more - and the socioeconomically challenged communities around them by providing local organizations, tribal and local governments with the skills and techniques to effectively restore these resources over time. Deadline in March 14. Click here for more information.


American Water Accepting Applications for Environmental Grant Program

Grants will be awarded for community-based efforts to improve, restore, or protect the watersheds, surface water, and/or groundwater supplies in California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. Deadline: March 25. Click here for more information.


2011 Riverprize (Australia only)

The Thiess International and Australian Riverprizes are awarded for excellence in river management, and are the world's most prestigious environmental prizes. Since 1999, RiverFoundation has awarded over AU$2.75 million in Riverprize awards. Application deadline: March 30. Click here for more information.

movingWaterkeeper Alliance Has Moved!
Waterkeeper Alliance staff have departed their office space in Irvington, NY and moved onto the island of Manhattan.

Street Sign in Battery Park, NYCOur new mailing address is:

Waterkeeper Alliance

17 Battery Place

Suite 1329

New York, NY 10004

Our new telephone number is:

(212) 747-0622

Our new fax number is:
(212) 747-0611
Please note that the telephone outage preventing more than one call into or out of the Waterkeeper Alliance office since February 21 has been resolved as of March 7. If you remain unable to get through to a staff member by telephone and are not forwarded into our voicemail system, please send an email message to your staff contact as soon as possible.
photosSend Us Your Photos
Beiyun Waterkeeper Wang YongchenWe are always trying to find ways to highlight your work on the Waterkeeper Alliance Web site, in WATERKEEPER magazine, and in other venues.  If we don't have good images of you, it is harder to direct supporters your way.  So, please send us your photos!

Here are some guidelines to help you decide what to send and how to send it.  Photos should be submitted in a high-resolution, digital format.  The Waterkeeper shown should be engaged in a typical activity (e.g., taking a water sample, patrolling, testifying at a hearing or press conference, investigating, and speaking to a reporter; something that strongly depicts action and engagement).  Try including something in the photo that identifies your organization-a piece of clothing is perfect! (Just be sure you have the correct font on display!)  Multiple shots are appreciated. All photos are best sent exactly as they came out of your digital camera. There is no need to resize your photo or paste it into a word processor document.

E-mail your photos to Steve Reynolds, our Online Editor, at sreynolds[at]waterkeeper.org.  Remember, Steve also wants all your electronic newsletters, so pass those along too!
eventsUpcoming Events
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