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March 2011                  

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Welcome to 2011 - may this year bring for you and yours - health, wealth, and happiness. We now have a great 2 years located in Geneva and don't you LOVE IT !!!!! more and more each day. I know we do!!!!! I hope you have taken the time to enjoy all the wonderful shops and restaurants of Geneva. We have had much activity at the store in 2010 and hope to have as much or more this year. We are planning trunk shows for 2011 including Melissa Shirley,Susan Roberts, Danji, Sharon G and more. If you have a favorite designer or anyone you would like to have as a teacher or trunk show please let me know. I am also planning to have a Cross Stitch Trunk show and teachers. How about some Hardanger and Punch needle? Tatting anyone? Smocking? Stay tuned for further information. Come in and stitch with us anytime. Bring other people or come alone. Plan a party.


Services Offered At Designers Desk

MAIL ORDER - Almost anything that is sold in any catalog, magazine and elsewhere we either have in stock or we can order for you. We mail all over the world and are on a number of web sites as mailing service for their products. When you order by mail, please include your telephone number along with your shipping address. If we have your phone number we can contact you if there is a question about your order.

FINISHING SERVICES - We have one of the finest finishers available in the U.S.A. She is a very professional lady with great experience. Our finishing takes about 2 weeks. We make pillows, ornaments (many different styles), Bell Pulls (we do carry the hardware), Belts, Boxes, Stand-ups (that is an item finished in 3-D and weighted so it can stand alone), Door Stops, Purses, Tote Bags, Purse Straps or anything else you can think of for us to do. Blocking is also a service we provide. The cutoff date for Christmas finishing is December 1.

FRAMING SERVICES - Marci (mother of the triplets and my older daughter) is our framer. She has been framing professionally for 26 years and attends the national Picture Framing Shows. Through these shows she is able to keep up on the newest techniques, materials, etc. Marci also does framing for corporations and does regular framing - pictures, paintings etc.


LUCKY 13 CARD - As a member of the Lucky 13 Club (everyone is eligible), you will be provided with a membership card. Present this card to the checkout person and the amount of your purchase will be written on the card (excluding tax and sale items). Upon completion of your twelfth purchase, we will total up all your purchases and give you the average amount off on your thirteenth purchase. EVERYONE who is a customer at Designers Desk gets a discount if they keep their card active.

GOLD CLUB CARD - To become a Gold Card Club Member, you must purchase items totaling $400.00 (excluding tax) all in one purchase. This will entitle you to a 15% discount on all future purchases for a two year period, excluding sale items.

SILVER CLUB CARD - To become a Silver Club Card Member, you must purchase items totaling $200.00 (excluding tax) all in one purchase. This will entitle you to a 5% discount on all future purchases, excluding sale items, for one year.

GIFT CERTIFICATES - Remember a GIFT CERTIFICATE is always the perfect gift for a stitcher. Everyone enjoys spending a gift certificate. HINT: As the prospective recipient, you can specify a Wish List that we will put on the back of your  

mailing list card.

AN INVITATION - TARTS (Thursdays Are Reserved To Stitch) - TARTS II - (Tuesdays are Reserved To Stitch) A group of gals, after taking a class together, decided to come into the shop every, or as often as possible, Thursday and stitch, named themselves the TARTS. Each working on their own project or projects, often asking advice of each other and helping each other figure out which stitch goes where and/or a technique. If you are available on Tuesdays or Thursdays, feel free to come in and join the group or feel free to form another group on another day. We enjoy having people stitching here, so join the fun.

NEWSLETTER - We have gone to an electronic newsletter. Please go to our website and send us your email address. The website is We will be sending out notices about classes, sales, trunk shows and happenings in Geneva. If you are not online - please let us know that and we will still send you information by mail. Just let us know 1(800)-377-8087.



HOLIDAYS - We are closed Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day.

WANTED - Designers Desk is always looking for people to stitch models for the shop. We need needlepointers, cross stitchers, beaders, and Hardanger stitchers. We are also looking for teachers for the shop. Do you like a particular technique and would you like to share your knowledge with others? Many people would like to try some new techniques or patterns, yet feel intimidated about trying something new without someone to give them the confidence to try it. See Pat if any of this is something you might like to do.

Exclusives -Designers Desk is noted for our selection of hand painted canvases, stitch guides and thread suggestions. We have wonderful teachers and people who help you at the shop. We now have stitch guides for a number of canvases that would not come with stitch guides (these are exclusives of Designers Desk). For example Melissa Shirley's Halloween House, Raymond Crawford's Halloween Stocking, Eat Dessert First, Raymond Crawford's Little Witch, and many Ewe and Eye Canvases such as Karen, Barb Tweet, Lynn, Rosie, etc. Eat Dessert First is an exclusive design at Designers Desk.

Speaking of exclusives - Designers Desk is the only shop in the Midwest that carries CHILI needlepoint canvases - so please ask to see them. Quilters and those who love neat designs will fall in love with these.  





We have always had NEW ARRIVALS for the Cross Stitch area - now we have a NEW ARRIVAL area for Needlepoint too. Please ask to see the board for new canvases.


We have tons and tons of threads. We are computerizing and my computer genius tells me we have 332 complete LINES (Manufacturers) of threads. What a selection - and wonderful colors!!!!! We have a whole room dedicated to threads with sliding doors. Come in and see the new concept. 


NEEDLEPOINT - Many new canvases come in daily. The POGODA SERIES from Leigh are great. We have all of them in the shop. And we do have a stitch guide for 1 of them. We have 2 new stitch books in the shop - Sharon G's SENSE & Sandra Arthur Shapes of Needlepoint.

pogoda tn 

CROSS STITCH - If you are looking for a special pattern for a special occasion there are a number of websites you can look at. , , are 2 distributors to look at. Mark down the number you find in their catalog and give us a call and we will be happy to order it for you or see if we have it in stock.

We have just returned from a Cross Stitch Show and have brought back many new designs. We have an invitation for you to join the EMMA & ELIZA STITCHING SOCIETY, a new subscription series from JUST NAN beginning in April, 2011. Emma and Eliza are 2 lively sisters who live "somewhere in time". They do everything together, BUT with decidedly different agendas! You can follow their story in a series of stitching projects. The first project will find the sisters in their cottage garden where the events of the day will unfold in a band sampler. Later in the year there will be Halloween festivities, and the ladies are famous for their unique Christmas hats. Each project in the series will be a limited edition.


JUST NAN AGAIN - Minerva's Mouse. - Limited Edition. Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, so it's a perfect name for this wise little owl. Miss Mousie hides inside the box when she is not out chatting with Minerva. Stitch the mouse on 32 count linen, plump her with a little stuffing, add a pretty button and wired tail to her bottom and black thread whisker to her nose. Please note when they are gone they will be gone. If you would like to be notified about Just Nan's designs let us know - we are making a list of people to call when she designs new items. 630-262-1234.


CHARTED NEEDLEPOINT ROOM - We have a whole room set up with nothing but charted needlepoint!! And lots of models too. This is something some of you folks that like to work from a chart might enjoy trying. Ask for details when you come in and see us. Come in and see what is new - Debbies Designs and From Nancy's Needle to just mention a couple.

PUNCH NEEDLE - is much fun. Have you tried it? Quick and easy to do and lots of varied designs from primitive to cutzie to traditional. We have had 5 year olds to grandparents and all in between taking classes and enjoying the results. Punchneedle is a wonderful way to make a hostess gift and quick gifts for birthdays or someone special. Be sure to ask about the Weeks 3 strand spools - you can punch and punch and punch without re-threading the needle.

SHOP MODELS - All of our models are for sale. We try to put prices on all models on the wall, but if there is not a price on a model in which you are interested, please ask. We also have models that are not framed or finished and those also are for sale.

We have a lot of classes and trunk shows planned for 2011 and 2012. I will send more information about the classes and trunk shows soon. If you do not know anything about Historic Geneva, call the shop and we will be happy to send you a brochure or contact the Chamber of Commerce 630-262 -6060 and they will send you the info.


May 15, 2011 - Gardenology - need help planning what to do when the weather warms up - come for fun and info.


June 22-27 2011 - Swedish Days


July 23 - 24, 2011 - Geneva Arts Fair

Classic Car Shows - Every Thursday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Kane County Cougars

Kane County Flea Market - First Sunday preceding Saturday of every month.


September- 9 - 11, 2011 - Festival of the Vine



Christmas Walk - Holiday House Tour- December 2 - 3, or call 630-232-6060



April 1, 2011 - OUT WITH THE OLD - IN WITH THE NEW -

Are you wanting to buy a new canvas or cross stitch project or take a class?  --- but you have some older projects you are not going to ever stitch and they are holding you back from buying a new project?  Here is a way to earn some credit towards that new project.  Select the canvases or kits you want to sell from your collection.  Canvases and kits must be in good condition.  Bring them into the shop.  You will receive a gift certificate for any of your items we sell.   We will start accepting your items along with a $5.00 registration fee April 1, 2011.  All items to be sold have to be into the shop by April 28, 2011.  The sale will begin May 1, and run until April 31, 2011. If you have nothing you want to sell - come in and see what you might want to buy.  BARGAINS GALORE!!!!  If you have any questions call the shop - 630-262-1234.



MARCH 1 - 29, 2011 - CANDY CANVAS- Whether you are creating for pure enjoyment with your needlepoint passion or looking to give a gift to celebrate one of life's special occasions, Canvas Candy has a design for you. Something unusual - Come in and see the trunk show. 15% off all trunk shows.

horse tn




We have a basket of eggs on the counter and every time you make a purchase you may pick an egg to receive a discount of 10% - 50% off that very purchase.  NO WAITING!!  Lots of fun and savings too!!!!!




Here comes the clip - on Birds plus much more. Many different kinds of canvases. Remember there is always a 15% discount for trunk shows.

bird tree




APRIL 15, 16, 17, & 18, 2011 - JILL RIGOLI - DANJI - CANVAS EMBELLISHMENT - Do you love Laurel Burch designs? Now they are available on needlepoint canvas. We will have lots of them to choose from. Purchase a canvas and have Jill add some life and excitement to it. Jill founded Danji Designs and has been active in the needlework industry for many years. She owned her own shop, and writes her own stitch guides for Danji. She is a fun lady to take a class from. Class fee is $150.00 for 2 days - $275.00 for 4 days. Lots of fun and lunch is included.

butterfly tn 

MAY 6, 7, 8, & 9, 2011 - BRENDA HART CANVAS EMBELLISHMENT. You purchase a canvas from Designers Desk and Brenda will help you develop a masterpiece. Brenda has a series of stitch books she has written. If you have her books - be sure to stop by and have her sign yours. Brenda has been teaching at our shop for 20+ years and there is always a waiting list for her class. Sign up for a minimum of two days for a class fee of $150.00 includes lunch. If you sign up for 4 days the cost is $275.00. Come join us for some fun!!!!






JUNE 21-26, 2011 SWEDISH DAYS - We will have lots of fun and surprises for this great festival. Join us for nightly entertainment, an art show & craft show, an old-fashioned carnival and of course sidewalk sales galore. Wonderful food right outside our door.

DEBORAH FORNEY PILOT CLASS - JUNE 3,4, & 5, 2011 - - - CANVAS EMBELLISHMENT JUNE 6 & 7, 2011. The pilot class is an adorable heart with a sweet girl in the middle. Can be finished as a pillow or on a pedestal. Deborah has taught for ANG. She has taken classes at the Royal School of Needlework. She has been featured in Needlepoint Now Magazine. Debbie has her own painted needlepoint line of canvases. Class fee and threads all included in one price. Canvas embellishment - you pick the canvas and Debbie suggests thread and stitches. Class fee is $150.00 for 2 days. Lunch and fun included.


JULY 15, 16, 17, 18, 2011 - SHARON G CANVAS EMBELLISHMENT AND TRUNK SHOW - Be the first in the area to take the class and have a chance to win her brand new book of stitches. Remember all you have to do is buy a canvas and Sharon will help you turn it into a masterpiece. Sharon has been teaching at Designers Desk for years. She has also taught for ANG, EGA, TNNA along with writing her own great stitch guides. Class fee is $150.00 for 2 days - $275.00 for 4 days. Lots of fun and lunch is included.








Christmas trunk show collection from Whimsey & Grace. 




SEPTEMBER  23, 24, 25, 26 ,2011 - JULIA SNYDER CANVAS EMBELLISHMENT. Another addition to our class list is Julia Snyder. You may have seen her stitch guides for many of the canvas painters! She has taught classes for ANG, EGA, Needlepointers, Destination Dallas Market, & TNNA Market. She has also written and published several stitch books: 176 Amazing Stitches, Backgrounds & Such, Darn Fillings, etc. Class fee is $150.00 for 2 days and $275.00 for 4 days. Lots of fun and lunch is included.


We are making up a schedule of classes and trunk shows for 2011 & 2012 - if you have any suggestions - please call us and let us know your desires.












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We are making up a schedule of classes and trunk shows for 2011 & 2012 - if you have any suggestions - please call us and let us know your desires.




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