April 2010 Spring is Here! Time to start a Spring or Summer Project!
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April 15 thru June 15, 2010 - OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW Are you wanting to buy a new canvas or cross stitch project - but have some older ones you are not going to ever stitch and they are holding you back from buying a new project? Here is a way to earn some credit towards that new project. Select the canvases or kits you want to sell from your collection. Canvases and kits must be in good condition. Bring them into the shop. You will receive a gift certificate for any of your items we sell. If you have nothing you want to sell - come in and see what you might want to buy. BARGAINS GALORE!!!!

Mail Order Have you seen the perfect project in a catalog but aren't sure about ordering something from someone you don't know? Almost anything that is sold in any catalog or magazine we either have in stock or can order for you! We mail all over the world! We can take care of you! When placing an order by mail, please include your telephone number along with your shipping address!

Finishing and Framing Services We have one of the finest finisher available in the US! She is a very professional lady with great experience! Most finishing takes about 2 weeks. Contact us if you have questions about finishing!
Marci, my oldest daughter, is our framer. She has been framing professionally for 25 years and attends National Framing Shows! Come into the shop to see our extensive selection of frames and mats!

TARTS Thursdays Are Reserved To Stitch! Come join us on Thursday mornings as we stitch, laugh, help each other out with stitching problems and just have a great time! If Thursday's don't work for you, come on Tuesday's - TARTS2 ! We love to hear the sound of laughter coming from our second floor!br>
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Greetings Fellow Stitcher!

April is here and that means warm weather, gardening and of course - stitching! Time to look at lighter needlework projects - something with flowers, sun, green grass! Grab a glass of ice tea, sit back and enjoy this newsletter!

April 10 - May 15 2010, PICK AN MYSTERY DISCOUNT ENVELOPE AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE FROM 10% - 50%. We have a basket of envelopes on the counter and every time you make a purchase you may pick an envelope to receive a discount on your next purchase. Lots of fun and savings too!!!!<

Trunk Show

Whimsy and Grace April 14 - May 19, 2010 Come into the shop and see the Napolean's Bee collection. Such wonderful canvases ! As an added bonus, we will have other canvases from Whimsy and Grace. Check out her wonderful pansy canvases. Remember 15% all trunk shows.


May 1, 2010. Punch Needle by katy Fong. Do you know what Punch Needle is? If not, come in and see how much fun and how quickly you can complete a punch needle project. You will start a project in the morning and have time to almost finish it in class. You will be able to use a punch needle for the morning session. This is a beginners class - one designed to give you a taste of the fun of doing punch needle. You will see how quickly you can create a Christmas or Hostess gift! Class fee is $35 and includes the use of the Punch Needle.


May 7,8,9,10 of 2010 - Brenda Hart Canvas Embellishment. You purchase a canvas from Designers Desk and Brenda will help you develop a masterpiece! Brenda has a series of stitch books she has written. If you have one of her books, be sure to stop by and have her sign yours! Sign up for a minimum of 2 days of classes for a fee of $150.00, which includes lunch. If you sign up for all 4 days, the cost is $275.00. Come join us for the creativity and the fun!

Misc Store Happenings
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We are in the process of making up a schedule for classes and trunk shows for the rest of 2010 and 2011! If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques. If you have any tips, tricks or techniques for stitching you would like to share, let us know! If you choose your suggestion, we will place it in the newsletter and give you credit! Your name in print!!

Attention Hawk Hollow Fans We received word that the designer of the Hawk Hollow Cross Stitch patterns is retiring! We have some of the patterns in the shop and can order whatever you need! Act fast, we can only order until June 1, 2010!

When you come into the shop, don't forget to bring in your new red or blue bag! Every time you use your bag, you are eligible for a drawing!

Thank you again for being such wonderful customers! You make working here so much fun! Until next month...

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