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February 2010
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What happened to January? January seems to be the longest month of the year, but for some reason this January just flew by! Grab some coffee, tea or hot cocoa and read on! We have some great information to share with you!

Classes and Trunk Shows
Hang on to your hat! Lots of great classes and trunk shows coming. Here's the list.

Feb 5,6,7,8 Sharon Embellishment Class - Come join the fun! Purchase a canvas from Designers Desk's vast amount of canvases and watch it become a masterpiece! Sign up for a minimum of two days for a class fee of $150 which includes lunch. If you sign up for all four days, the cost is $275.

Feb 26,27,28,29 - Debbie Rowley of Debees Design Debbie designs wonderful charted needlepoint designs. Her designs are very creative and fun to do. The first 2 days will be a beginners class. The next 2 days will be an intermediate class and does require some pre-work. A variety of threads will be used. This will be a pilot class for the two designs. Class fee is $100 plus canvas and threads. Lunch is included. Come join the fun!

March 5,6,7,8 - Brenda Hart Canvas Embellishment You purchase a canvas from Designers Desk and Brenda will help you develop a masterpiece. Brenda has a series of stitch books she has written. If you have her book, be sure to stop by and have her sign yours. Sign up for a minimum of two days for a class fee of $150 including lunch. If you sign up for all 4 days, the cost is $275. Come and join the fun!

March 21 - Punch Needle by Katy Fong Do you know what Punch Needle is? If not, come in and see how fun and fast punch needle is! You will start a project in the morning and have time to almost finish it in class! The fee is $35. You will be able to use a punch needle for the morning session. This is a beginners class - one to give you a taste of fun in doing punch needle. This method is a fast and fun way to make quick gifts!

To sign up and reserve your spot, call us! The number is 630-262- 1234.

Just a reminder, all Trunk Shows are 15% off and 20% off if you are a Gold Card Member.

We mention the Gold Card quite often. If you want to get one - it's easy! Here's all you have to do. Make 1 purchase totaling $400, excluding sales tax. This will entitle you to a 15% discount on all future purchases for a 2 year period, excluding sale items.

We also have a Silver Card. Make 1 purchase totaling $200, excluding sales tax. This will entitle you to a 5% discount on all future purchases for a 1 year period, excluding sale items.

We are planning Trunk Shows and Classes for 2010. If there is anything you are interested in, please let us know!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Stitch SPIDER ROSES early in a project. Because of the amount of weaving motion and pulling through of ribbon, it is easier to stitch. Place five spokes around a circle thinking of a clock face (12, 2:15,4:45, 7, 9:30). Stitch/weave from the center to the outer edge of the clock. The spokes should all be the same length if a symmetrical flower is desired. Come up to the next center hole and begin weaving over, under spokes putting in a twist each time. All weaving is on top of the canvas. You need not pull the ribbon too tight. Let it lay gently to look like petals. The final edge of the flower can be stitched with Stem Stitch or Backstitch around the edge to cover spokes. Make these stitches about 1/2" long and use a twist.

As an alternative, do NOT twist the ribbon during the weaving process. This will give the effect of a tightly closed flower bud.

Another option is to start the process with no twisting. After the bud is established then add the twist suggesting a flower that is in the process of opening.

Have Fun!

Have any Tip, Tricks or Techniques to share? Send them our way.

Store Happenings and Calendar
TARTS - Thursdays Are Reserved To Stitch. Come and join us any Thursday! We are in the class room from 10:00 until closing time!

TARTS2 - Tuesdays Are Reserved To Stitch 2. Is your Thursday a little crazy? Come on Tuesday! We love to hear the laughter of friends stitching away.

Keep the kids away from this one. Come visit our X-Rated section in the store! Yup, we have some "naughty" canvases that are fun to stitch! Don't be surprised if we ask you for an ID to make sure you are 21!

Attention eBay Users! We now have auctions on eBay! You can get some great deals and have fun bidding. Check out the web site and look for AUCTIONS on the left hand navigation bar. Or, click the link below.

Coming Soon! Canvas of the Month. Starting in March 2010, we will be featuring a needlepoint canvas every month. You can purchase this canvas at a 20% discount the month it is featured! We will also offer a cross stitch chart for our cross stitching friends!

New items are coming in daily! Please stop in, call the store or check our web site to see great new projects! When you are in the store, do NOT forget Pat's Bodacious Bargain Basement Bailout Stitching Stimulus! The lower level of the store is filled with hundreds of items at 50% off the original price.

That's it for this month! As always, we thank you for your continued patronage of the shop. We wouldn't be here without great customers like you.

Until next month......Happy Stitching!


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