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Kids Yoga & Zumba® Coming Soon!


Girl DancingWe all know how beneficial yoga and dance can be for adults, but what about the benefits for kids? The child obesity epidemic in this country is higher than ever. Due to TV, video games and computers, kids have become more sedentary. A great way to get kids off the couch and back into fitness is to provide exercise that is both fun and beneficial that meets their fitness level and interest. 


Zumba® dance has exploded in the last few years and can be found at almost every fitness center. Zumba® also offers a program designed especially for kids so that they can enjoy this fun, motivating class. Zumbatomic® is exclusively for kids ages 4 through 12. These classes are rockin', high-energy, fitness parties packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more. Zumbatomic® will increase their focus and self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination. They will be having too much fun to even notice that they are exercising.

Yoga GirlAnother great way for kids to learn how their body moves, plus gain strength and flexibility is yoga. Kids Yoga is a fun and playful class where children will participate in specific games and activities that will teach them how to move energy through their body while calming their mind. They will also learn breathing techniques and ways to enhance their balance and flexibility. This class allows children to participate at their own level in a non-competitive environment. Kids, just like adults, can always benefit from a little calm in their lives, especially after a hectic day.

Both Zumbatomic® and Kids Yoga will be offered this fall. Look for Zumbatomic® at Princess Anne on Thursdays, beginning September 29 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for 8 to 10 year olds and from 6:45 to 7:45 pm for 11 to 12 year olds. It will also be offered at Bayside on Mondays, beginning October 17 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for 8 to 10 year olds and from 6:45 to 7:45 pm for 11 to 12 year olds.

Look for Kids Yoga on Thursdays, beginning September 29 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for 7 to 12 year olds at Princess Anne. 

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Rejuvenate your exercise routine with this free outdoor fitness event! Participate in a sampling of the different fitness classes Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation has to offer.


Offerings may include, but not limited to:


- Beaming™
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- Boot Camp
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- TRX®
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- Zumba®

Health & fitness vendors will be onsite from
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We are currently accepting applications for additional vendors for this event. If you own a fitness or health related company and are interested in being a part of Get Fit 2011, complete a vendor application
Is Too Many Food Choices a Bad Thing?

from The Independent  


MacaroniImagine eating macaroni and cheese for five days straight. By the fifth day, do you think you'd be eating more or less of the dish compared to someone who ate it only once per week? According to a study out of the State University of New York at Buffalo, you would likely be eating less. The reason? People lose interest in food and reduce their consumption when repeatedly exposed to the same item - also known as habituation.

Researchers are suggesting that diversity in menus and abundance of food choices could be promoting excess consumption and increased waist sizes. Read more   

Stay Cool While Exercising in Hot Weather



Man SweatingWith the record breaking temperatures this summer, it's extremely important to use caution when exercising in the heat. The Mayo Clinic offers suggestions for staying safe in hot temperatures.


How to Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses To keep it cool during hot-weather exercise, keep these basic precautions in mind:

  • Take it slow. If you're used to exercising indoors or in cooler weather, take it easy at first. As your body adapts to the heat, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Your body's ability to sweat and cool down depends on adequate rehydration. Drink plenty of water while you're working out - even if you don't feel thirsty. If you're planning to exercise intensely or for longer than one hour, consider sports drinks instead. These drinks can replace the sodium, chloride and potassium you lose through sweating. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, which actually promote fluid loss.
  • Dress appropriately. Lightweight, loose fitting clothing promotes sweat evaporation and cooling by letting more air pass over your body. Avoid dark colors, which can absorb the heat. A light-colored hat can limit your exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid midday sun. Exercise in the morning or evening - when it's likely to be cooler outdoors - rather than the middle of the day. If possible, exercise in the shade or in a pool.
  • Wear sunscreen. A sunburn decreases your body's ability to cool itself.
  • Have a backup plan. If you're concerned about the heat or humidity, stay indoors. Work out at the gym, walk laps inside the mall or climb stairs inside an air-conditioned building.

For more information about exercising in the heat, read the full article here.

Meet the Instructor: Gavi Siman-Tov  


GaviGavriella Siman-Tov is a sixteen-year-old volunteer fitness instructor at Kempsville Recreation Center. Chuck Thomas, Kempsville fitness supervisor, met Gavi in the Youth Amateur Boxing class. Her hard work, athleticism and competitiveness caught his attention. After participating in a variety of youth programs, including the summer Youth Aqua Boxing Boot Camp, Chuck was so impressed with her dedication and positive attitude that he offered her a volunteer opportunity assisting him with his adult and youth programs.

"What impresses me the most about Gavi is what a well-rounded individual she is." Chuck states. Gavi was the #5 tennis player for First Colonial High School and recently labeled the "X-Factor" in the 2011 State Championship Tournament, winning her team a position in the State Finals and eventually becoming State Champs. She is part of the debate team and Legal Studies Academy at First Colonial. Fluent in Hebrew, Gavi hopes to join the Israeli Defense Force and become an FBI agent after completing college - serving the countries that she loves so dearly.

Though Gavi claims to be a normal teenager who likes to hang out with friends and adores her family, she has truly made a positive impression with the staff at Kempsville. "Gavi accepts every achievement and accomplishment with a small thank-you, a warm, bright smile and an impressive amount of humility," said Kayla Smith, Kempsville Youth Boxing Coach.

Gavi is a truly remarkable young woman, who will continue to do wonderful things as she continues her journey. 

Please Note Our Upcoming Facility Closures 


The pool at Seatack Recreation Center will be closed for renovations beginning August 22 and lasting approximately three months.


Great Neck Recreation Center will be closed for maintenance from August 29 to September 5. The pool, weight room and racquetball courts are expected to remain closed until September 19 for additional maintenance and ceiling painting.

All Virginia Beach Recreation Centers and Owl Creek Tennis Center
will be closed Monday, September 5 in observance of Labor Day.


Don't forget that your membership is good at all six Virginia Beach Recreation Centers! If your usual center is closed for maintenance, take the opportunity to visit another center. Use this locator to help you find one!

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation believes all of our diverse citizens have a right to participate in community recreation and we are committed to creating equal access for everyone who may have a challenge or barrier. If your child requires additional support, we can help.  Learn more about our accommodation and inclusion services.
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