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Fitness & Wellness Newsletter | November 2010 |
Dislike Traditional Exercise? Just Dance! 
DancingCardio workouts in the gym can be a chore, but are vital to your cardiovascular conditioning. Combining cardio exercise with the fun of dance is a great way to keep fit for those who aren't big fans of traditional exercise.

Dancing combines a cardio workout with load bearing exercise - vital for building bone density and resisting osteoporosis. The fact that you have fun as well increases the flood of endorphins to your body and reduces blood pressure - and makes dance fitness great for all around anti-aging health. Many dance classes are also great forms of core exercise - developing strength in those core muscles which are so essential for fighting abdominal flab in our forties and beyond.

Belly dancing is a good option for improving balance and posture. This dance strengthens the back and the muscles of the pelvic floor. It tones hamstrings, thighs, abs, glutes and hips. It's a great place to start for beginners, but as you progress, dance moves can be faster and more aerobic giving you a full body workout. It's great for toning the abdominal flab and developing core strength - gently. Belly Dance Level I and Belly Dance Level II classes begin as early as Jan 3 at various recreation centers.
Curb the Stress During the Holidays
The holiday season is a good time to really apply the wellness principles we know, but tend to ignore.
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat fresh food for life energy
  • Drink lots of water
  • Get physical activity every day
  • Listen to calming music
  • Turn off the TV
  • Do something "just for fun" every day
  • Learn to say "no" more often
  • Spend time with your kids and pets
  • Get a massage
  • Practice random acts of kindness
  • Give heart-felt gifts with meaning
  • Do not over-schedule yourself
  • Stop and breathe!
  • Make eye contact with people and smile
  • Read a fiction book
  • And of course, love the ones you're with!
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Breakin' 101
Saturday, December 18
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Kempsville Rec Center

A FUN and FREE introductory class to break-dancing. Learn foundational moves while getting a good work out. The focus includes musicality, top rock, get downs and floor work.

Please bring water, comfortable shoes and an open mind. Open to ages 6 & up - fun for the entire family!

Instructed by Jackie Marrow, former president of the James Madison University Break Dance Club.

Membership or visitor pass is needed.
Are You Ready for Boot Camp? 

Boot CampAs the temperatures drop, many of us will be moving indoors for our fitness needs. Often, people who normally enjoy outdoor exercise will be seen cycling or running on the treadmill during the winter months, leaving group exercise for choreography lovers. Not anymore! Indoor boot camps have exploded in popularity especially during the winter months due to the intense cardio and strengthening benefits. This class attracts both women and men of all fitness levels with the easy to follow format of the class mixed with interval stations that can be done at each person's own pace.

Boot camp workouts are intense exercise sessions that challenge every muscle in your body. By rapidly moving from exercise to exercise with little rest in between, you tone and firm muscles while getting a good cardiovascular workout at the same time. You can expect to burn off up to 600 calories per hour during a single boot camp exercise session. Yes, a boot camp exercise routine is challenging, but never boring. Time goes by quickly when you're engaged in so many types of exercises.

Many different forms of boot camp classes are offered in our recreation centers throughout the week. We offer Boot Camp classes at Princess Anne on Saturdays at 9:30 am and at Kempsville on Thursdays at 9:00 am.

We also offer Kickboxing Boot Camp classes in which easy to follow kickboxing cardio drills are mixed with boot camp cardio stations. This class is offered at Kempsville on Tuesdays at 5:45 pm and starting in January, this class will also be offered at Princess Anne on Wednesday nights at 6:00.

Obstacle Course Challenge classes are also boot camp related in which the gym is used as a huge playground where you will run, jump, squat and workout to blends of cardio and strength training that will push you to believe in yourself and others. This new class is now offered at Bow Creek on Monday nights at 6:00.

So, come in from the cold and take advantage of these classes that will challenge your fitness level and take the boredom out of your daily workouts. Learn more about our group fitness classes.
Save the Date for Passport to Fitness: January 15, 2011 

YogaNot sure about which land or water fitness class to take? Participate in sample classes during our Passport to Fitness event on January 15, 2011. Five recreation centers - Bayside, Bow Creek, Great Neck, Kempsville and Princess Anne - will offer a variety of mini-classes from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. We're even offering water fitness sessions at Bow Creek! Our Fitness Team will also be on hand to answer your questions. Attend for a chance to win a 30-day unlimited group fitness pass!

This event is free and available to participants age 14 years and older. Start planning for a fit new year!
Meet the Instructor: Amy Strickland
AmyAmy began formal dance training at the age of 3 with Gayle Pratts School of Dance, and continued there for 14 years. She studied ballet, pointe, tap and jazz. The last two years with Gayle, she also began to train with Debbie Copeland (Debbie Copeland School of Performing Arts) in ballet, pointe, jazz, modern, lyrical and hula dance styles. Amy continued to study with Debbie while in college, and also took classes in ballet and modern dance.
Amy began to teach dance for Parks & Recreation in the early 80's as the head of the dance company that was based out of Kempsville. By 1990, she had written and choreographed three full length dance shows and had the troupe perform at local festivals.

Amy later went back to college at NSU and took classes in modern dance, jazz and African folk dance while performing in the University Dance Theatre. She has also started belly dancing in the past few years.

According to Amy, "I have been dancing all of my life and will dance until the day I pass from this earth! My philosophy of dance is that it is an art that has to be passed on so it can be nurtured and grow."

Please Note Our Upcoming Facility Closures 

All Virginia Beach Recreation Centers, Owl Creek Tennis Center, parks & park facilities will be closed on December 24, 25 & 31 and January 1.

All Virginia Beach Municipal Golf Courses will be closed on December 25.

The pool at Kempsville Recreation Center will be closed through Spring 2011 for renovations. 
Don't forget that your membership is good at all six Virginia Beach Recreation Centers!  If your usual center is closed for maintenance, take the opportunity to visit another center. Use this locator to help you find one!
Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation believes all of our diverse citizens have a right to participate in community recreation and we are committed to creating equal access for everyone who may have a challenge or barrier. If you or your child require additional support, we can help.  Learn more about our accommodation and inclusion services.
We welcome your comments and questions.  Feel free to email us at
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