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Golf Newsletter | August 2010 |
Update on Golf Course Operations
Red Wing LakeThis past year, the Golf Division has undergone an extensive review of all facets of the City's golf course operations. This review was conducted by Golf Convergence with the complete report found here.
Based upon current market conditions and future requirements, it was recommended to look into the private sector to provide the management and maintenance of our golf courses. Currently, we are in the process of requesting proposals from golf management companies to partner with the City to provide these services for Red Wing Lake, Kempsville Greens and Bow Creek Golf Courses beginning January 1, 2011 with the option to provide the same at Virginia Beach National Golf Course beginning January 1, 2012. 
It is our goal to create a win/win partnership that will provide our guests with an exceptional golfing experience for many years to come.
We will keep you updated as the process continues.
Summer Greens Aerification 
Yes it is that time again, one of the necessary maintenance practices that our golfers dread: greens aerification is here. Aerification relieves soil compaction and provides needed air space and oxygen for the roots of the grass. Please pardon the disruption as we will be aerating our greens on the following dates:
  • Red Wing Lake Golf Course on August 23
  • Kempsville Greens Golf Course on August 30
  • Bow Creek Golf Course on September 7
In the event of rain, aerification will occur on the following day. We will be pulling cores using inch hollow tines and top dressing with sand immediately after clean-up. The inch tine provides a very small hole that will have minimal impact on the roll of the golf ball. This configuration has been very effective in the past and historically, the holes have healed before the next weekend.
Preview Fall Classes in New Catalog
Fall 2010 CatalogTake a look at our new Fall Catalog for upcoming classes and programs for both youth and adults. Golf classes appear on page 24. 
Registration begins Saturday, September 11 at 9 am.
High School Golfers Take to the Course
Virginia Beach High School Golf began last week and matches take place at five City golf courses: Virginia Beach National, Stumpy Lake, Red Wing, Bow Creek and Kempsville Greens. Eleven Beach High School teams compete against one another through the end of September.
Fun Fact: Heads Up! 
In the first round of the 1952 Los Angeles Open, amateur Bud Hoelscher's approach shot to the 18th green struck a cameraman on the head, bounced off a can of water, hit the greenside announcer in the face and fell onto the green about 40 feet from the hole. He two-putted for a par.
Make a Tee Time!
Bow Creek
3425 Club House Rd
(757) 431-3763
Kempsville Greens
4840 Princess Anne Rd
(757) 474-8441

Red Wing Lake
1144 Prosperity Rd
(757) 437-2037

Pro Tip: Put Your Blinders On

adapted from Sue Viscoe, PGA and LPGA professional


Having putting problems? Discover what you're doing wrong.
Determine a straight-in, flat putt. Stand at least 10 feet from the hole with eight to 10 balls. Set up and, imagining you are wearing blinders, stroke the ball toward the hole. Don't look up. Bring the next ball over and do the same, continuing with the remaining balls.
You should see one of three results when you look at the hole: If the balls are around the hole, your stroke is both good and consistent; if the balls are clustered left or right, then you're probably lined up wrong; if the balls are scattered, your stroke is inconsistent.
With your putting problem identified, you are able to set start correcting it.
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