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Fitness & Wellness Newsletter | July 2010 |
July is Parks & Recreation Month
VBPRSince 1985, Americans have celebrated national Parks and Recreation Month in July to recognize the importance of parks and recreation in establishing and maintaining the quality of life for, and contributing to the physical, economic and environmental well-being of communities.
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Stay Cool While Exercising in Hot Weather
Exercise in HeatWith the record breaking temperatures this summer, it's extremely important to use caution when exercising in the heat. The Mayo Clinic offers suggestions for staying safe in hot temperatures.
How to Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses
To keep it cool during hot-weather exercise, keep these basic precautions in mind:
  • Take it slow. If you're used to exercising indoors or in cooler weather, take it easy at first. As your body adapts to the heat, gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Your body's ability to sweat and cool down depends on adequate rehydration. Drink plenty of water while you're working out - even if you don't feel thirsty. If you're planning to exercise intensely or for longer than one hour, consider sports drinks instead. These drinks can replace the sodium, chloride and potassium you lose through sweating. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol, which actually promote fluid loss.
  • Dress appropriately. Lightweight, loose fitting clothing promotes sweat evaporation and cooling by letting more air pass over your body. Avoid dark colors, which can absorb the heat. A light-colored hat can limit your exposure to the sun.
  • Avoid midday sun. Exercise in the morning or evening - when it's likely to be cooler outdoors - rather than the middle of the day. If possible, exercise in the shade or in a pool.
  • Wear sunscreen. A sunburn decreases your body's ability to cool itself.
  • Have a backup plan. If you're concerned about the heat or humidity, stay indoors. Work out at the gym, walk laps inside the mall or climb stairs inside an air-conditioned building.
For more information about exercising in the heat, read the full article here.
Find Your Balance with Beaming 
BeamingAre you looking for a new and unique way to train the core and increase balance? Join Kasey Rich for the only Beaming™ classes in the nation offered by a Parks and Recreation department.
Beaming™ blends moves that are familiar to you in a unique way on a six inch wide, five foot long surface. This class will help you develop toned, firm muscles and a stronger core, improve balance, flexibility and posture. Beaming™ utilizes barefoot training, the sensory systems, and a multi discipline approach creating a fun, yet challenging experience.
Beaming™ is currently held at Seatack Recreation Center on Wednesdays from 6-7 pm. This class requires a group fitness punch card and membership or visitor pass.
Make the Water Habit Happen!
WaterYou've heard how important it is to stay hydrated, so let's go one step further and look at some ways to make drinking water a daily routine.
  • Start each day with a glass of water to help replace fluids lost overnight.
  • Grab a reusable water bottle before you leave the house that you can refill throughout the day.
  • Set a timer if it will help you to remember to fill up your bottle and be sure to take water breaks throughout the day.
  • Eat your fruits and veggies! Most of the foods in these groups are filled with water and the minerals that help you absorb and use it properly.
  • Track your water consumption to increase your awareness of just how much you are consuming.
  • Put a filter on your home faucet, or fill a pitcher and put it in your fridge for easy access. 
Meet the Instructor: Pat Woods 
Pat WoodsPat Woods has been teaching fitness classes for 29 years, nearly 20 of which have been for the City of Virginia Beach. Her primary fitness certification is through AFAA and she is also certified to teach Zumba® and SilverSneakers®.
Pat's philosophy on fitness is that if you don't enjoy it, you won't stick with it. Her goal in class is to combine great music with fun moves so that an hour goes by without you realizing how hard you are working. She loes teaching Zumba® and relates it to going out and dancing with friends.
You can take a Zumba®, SilverSneakers, or Low Impact Aerobics class with Pat at Princess Anne.
"People who come to my classes instantly become very special to me - I consider them my very extended family, and I'm always happy to see someone return who has come for the first time."

Please Note Our Upcoming Facility Closures 

Great Neck Recreation Center will be closed August 30 through September 5 for maintenance.
All Community Recreation Centers and Owl Creek Tennis Center will be closed on September 6 for Independence Day.

Don't forget that your membership is good at all six Virginia Beach Recreation Centers!  If your usual center is closed for maintenance, take the opportunity to visit another center. Use this locator to help you find one!
Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation believes all of our diverse citizens have a right to participate in community recreation and we are committed to creating equal access for everyone who may have a challenge or barrier. If you or your child require additional support, we can help.  Learn more about our accommodation and inclusion services.
We welcome your comments and questions.  Feel free to email us at
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Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation is accredited by CAPRA,
the certifying agency of the National Recreation and Park Association.