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Golf Newsletter | April 2010 |
Our Courses are Prepped and Ready!
April has begun and spring (or is it summer?) is officially here. Fortunately, the weather has improved and the fairways are greening nicely. We are striving to present the best conditions that our resources will permit. As we work to protect our environment, we'll be watering based on need and not based on set timers.
Despite the wet conditions experienced the past few months, our staff have been able to complete a great deal of work at the courses. They have cleared trees, removed debris from wooded areas, repaired storm damaged wooden structures and removed the growth surrounding the ponds. Irrigation repairs have been made at the courses and an application for a permit to withdraw groundwater at Bow Creek has been submitted. Tee markers and benches have also been painted.
Get out on the course and enjoy the gorgeous weather in Virginia Beach!
Need to Brush Up on the Basics?
Woman GolfingLike many golfers, you may need to brush up on the basics before you get your game back. Our Spring Programs Catalog has a number of classes available in April and May that will help you get into the swing of things regardless of your level of play.
Jamie Smith, PGA instructor at Bow Creek, is providing clinics each Saturday morning at 10am. Call Jamie at 287.1965, or visit his website for more information.
Sue Vreeland, LPGA instructor at Red Wing Lake, is holding two, five-day sessions entitled "Get Golf Ready."  She also has a Golf Fit Club that meets on Saturday mornings at 9am. Call Sue at 724.2466, or email for more information.
Contact either instructor for additional opportunities to improve your golf game.
Upcoming Golf Tournaments
Red Wing Lake Two-Man Golf Tournament
When: May 22 & 23 at Red Wing Lake Golf Course
Entry: $240 per team, includes: range balls, cart and green fees both days, Prizes and cash awards & cookout on Sun.
Format: Pre-flighted, Saturday - Best Ball & Sunday - Captain's Choice
@ Bow Creek, Kempsville Greens, or Red Wing Lake Golf Courses by May 16
Virginia Beach Amateur Golf Tournament
When: May 29 & 30 at Kempsville Greens Golf Course
Entry: $120.00 per person,
includes: range balls, cart and green fees both days, closest to the pin prizes on Par 3's, Hole-in-One Prizes (including new car!) & food and beverages on Sun.
Format: Pre-flighted Individual Stroke Play
Total Purse Value: Approx. $10,000 based upon a field of 144 players
@ Kempsville Greens Golf Course by May 20
Separate senior division for age 65+ available
Golf Leagues and Associations Available
If you want to join an association, there are several opportunities to participate at your favorite course. Contact any of the pro shops below for further information on established associations catering to both men and women, young or seniors. Formats and rates vary by association.
Bow Creek Municipal Golf Course: 431.3763
Kempsville Greens Municipal Golf Course: 474.8441
Red Wing Lake Municipal Golf Course: 437.2037
Make a Tee Time!
Bow Creek
3425 Club House Rd
(757) 431-3763
Kempsville Greens
4840 Princess Anne Rd
(757) 474-8441

Red Wing Lake
1144 Prosperity Rd
(757) 437-2037

Pro Tip: Take Two (or More)

by Jamie Smith, PGA instructor at Bow Creek Golf Course

Golf cart

This time of year, there are many wet days on the course that will justify the "Cart Path Only Policy."

You should never walk away from the cart with only one golf club in hand. Even with all the new GPS technology, you never know what you will find when you get to your ball. You have to consider the lie of the ball as well as distance, wind, grade, pin location, temperature, etc.

Too many times we find ourselves playing with someone that does not follow this strategy. This will slow the pace of play and irritate the people around them as they walk back and forth to the cart for a different club.

Make this a part of your routine and you will play better and those around you will enjoy your company much better.
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Just for Fun: Ode to Golf 
Author Unknown
In my hand I hold a ball, white and dimpled, rather small.
Oh, how bland it does appear, this harmless looking little sphere.
By its size I could not guess, the awesome strength it does possess.
But since I fell beneath its spell, I've wandered through the fires of hell.
My life has not been quite the same, since I chose to play this stupid game.
It rules my mind for hours on end, a fortune it has made me spend.
It has made me yell, curse and cry, I hate myself and want to die.
It promises a thing called par, if I can hit it straight and far.
To master such a tiny ball, should not be very hard at all.
But my desires the ball refuses, and does exactly as it chooses.
It hooks and slices, dribbles and dies, and even disappears before my eyes.
Often it will have a whim, to hit a tree or take a swim.
With miles of grass on which to land, it finds a tiny patch of sand.
Then has me offering up my soul, if only it would find the hole.
It's made me whimper like a pup, and swear that I will give it up.
And take to drink to ease my sorrow, but the ball knows ... I'll be back tomorrow.
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