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Golf Newsletter | February / March 2010 |
Get Prepped for Spring Golf!
GolferThe weather has not been conducive to playing regularly, but it's definitely the time to start thinking about your spring golf season. Try some flex or golf strengthening exercises during this down period. Just gripping your golf clubs and practicing your swing on a regular basis will prepare you for a better game when you hit the course.
Considering going to the driving range prior to teeing up for your first round to get a good feel for your clubs again. Start setting goals for the spring season and figure out what could help accomplish your goals. If you have a specific weakness, plan to take a golf lesson to address it.
Sue Vreeland is offering a "Golf Fit Club" beginning in March. This is a progressive golf improvement class covering strength training, flexibility, balance, nutrition, swing/club positions, and body movements specific to the golf swing. Learn proper body sequencing and sound positions for an efficient and repeatable golf swing. Classes are $25 each and will be held from 9-10:30 am on March 13, 20, 27 & April 3, 10, 17. Call Sue at 724-2466 to register, or email with any questions.
Golf ClubsNow is also the time to get your equipment ready for spring golf. Clean those irons with soap and water. A good brush will get the dirt out of the grooves. Make sure you clean your grips too and replace them if needed. As the grips wear down, you compensate by holding the club with a tighter grip. Gripping the club with a tight grip does not lend itself to good shots.
Don't forget about your golf shoes.  In addition to cleaning them, take a good look at your cleats. Do they need replaced? How's your golf glove? Our golf shops can provide you with the needed tools and supplies to facilitate your golfing needs.
New Teaching Professional at Bow Creek
We are pleased to announce that Jamie Smith, PGA instructional professional, is now providing golf clinics, workshops and private lessons at Bow Creek Golf Course.  His clinics are being held each Saturday. Contact Jamie at 287-1965, or visit his website. Ed Collins has relocated to a course in Maryland.
Golf Leagues and Associations
Golf GroupWe would like to start weekday golf leagues at Bow Creek, Kempsville Greens and Red Wing Lake Golf Courses in the spring. Call Andrew Menk, PGA professional, at 869-1777 with your suggestions.  Let him know what day of the week, time, location and format works best for you. He will coordinate leagues based upon your suggestions.
If you want to join an association, there are several opportunities to participate at your favorite course. Contact the pro shop at your course for further information on established associations catering to both men and women, young or seniors.
Get Golf Ready!
Get Golf Ready!Todd Wise, Pro Shop Manager and Teaching Professional, has announced that Red Wing Lake Golf Course is now recognized as a "Get Golf Ready" facility by the PGA.  This is an excellent instructional program for new golfers with little to no playing experience.  Sue Vreeland will be conducting five classes on Tuesdays from 6-7 pm for $99.00:
Session 1: March 30, April 6, 13, 20 & 27
Session 2: June 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29
Call 724-2466, or email to register.
Make a Tee Time!
Bow Creek
3425 Club House Rd
(757) 431-3763
Kempsville Greens
4840 Princess Anne Rd
(757) 474-8441

Red Wing Lake
1144 Prosperity Rd
(757) 437-2037

Pro Tip: Shrug It Off!

by Sue Vreeland, LPGA instructor at Red Wing Lake Golf Course

Golf Shrug

Everyone hits a bad shot now and then during a round of golf.  The trick is to not let that bad shot influence your game any more than just the one shot.
It takes practice to shake off a bad shot. Next time you hit one of those ugly shots, take a follow up practice swing to get the feel of a good rhythmical and balanced swing.  Breathe in and out deeply at least 3 times, then go find your ball and hit it again. 
If you are steaming about the ugly shot, it will be tough to hit the next shot with much success. You need to get rid of your bad thoughts and approach the next shot with a clear mind. 
The shot you are hitting is the only one that counts - not the shot before or the shot after.
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