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Fitness & Wellness Newsletter | January 2010 |
Fitness 101: Back to Basics
Fitness BasicsYou've heard it all before - miracle pills, the latest and greatest diet, and fitness equipment to slim and smooth every bump and roll on your body.  Unfortunately, miracles and health and fitness do not go hand in hand.
As fitness professionals, we analyze every diet, workout and medical breakthrough that promises to reverse the obesity epidemic, yet we as a society continue to get fatter and unhealthier as the years roll by.  The obesity epidemic is the result of two simple numbers: we consume about 5 percent more calories than we once did and we exercise about 20 percent less.  Time and time again, we find that the only "miracle" breakthroughs are those that expand on what we already know - only through exercise and proper diet will you effectively change your body and your health for the good.
Are you tired of the up and down fitness road?  Are you dizzy from the rollercoaster ride of yo-yo dieting?  Are you committed to changing your health - mind and body - for the better?  Join the City's first ever Lose to Win Fitness Challenge.  Learn more about the program at and sign up today!
Fitness Team Member Highlight: Nick Jensen
Nick JensenNick Jensen has been with the Fitness Unit for three years and came to work for the City of Virginia Beach after graduating from Longwood University.  He obtained a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, with a concentration in exercise science at Longwood. He currently works out of Princess Anne Recreation Center and oversees the personal training, martial arts, dance and fitness programs.  Nick's passion is to help others with their fitness goals and to share his knowledge, education and experience to help others live healthier.
10 Easy Ways to Get Healthy in 2010
  1. Switch from regular soda to diet, and pass on sugar-laden energy drinks.
  2. Never skip breakfast.
  3. Drink alcohol only on weekends, if at all.
  4. Use olive oil instead of butter on bread or when cooking.
  5. Chew your food slowly, and always sit down when you eat.
  6. Substitute sweet potatoes or yams for white potatoes.
  7. Always ask for salad dressing on the side.
  8. Choose dairy products that are fat free or 1%.
  9. Ask restaurant servers to bring you half your meal and put the other half in a doggie bag to take home.
  10. Replace your regular dishes with smaller salad plates.
How to Succeed in Group Fitness
Group FitnessReady to try group fitness for the first time or just trying a new type of class?  There are some measures you can take to ensure you are successful. Be sure you always give any new workout three tries before making a final decision on it. Everything from your mood, to your level of hydration, to the number of people in the class can impact your experience. Continue reading...
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This 12-week weight loss challenge will help you shed those extra pounds while getting you on track for a healthy 2010.
To help provide motivation, we'll have weekly prize drawings, with 6 free personal training sessions, valued at $216 each, awarded to the top male and top female "loser." 
The program is $95, which includes a t-shirt, exercise and food journal, 30-day unlimited group fitness pass and weekly weigh-ins.
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