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Outdoors & Environmental Newsletter | August 2009 | VBgov.com/Parks
CatalogDon't retreat indoors when the temperatures begin to cool this year. Stay OUTDOORS with us and our great lineup of programs in the coming months!

Become an Outdoor Beach Family! Learn the fundamentals for outdoor recreation and education from local experts in a fun environment. Families will choose four sessions to attend: Archery Basics, Hiking and Backpacking, Kayak Quickstart, Outdoor Cooking, Fishing Basics, Shotgun, Wilderness Survival, Wildlife Watching or Biking. This family adventure will be held October 17th.
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Paddle through the water trails of Virginia Beach in our new Liquid Trails and Tales program. We will explore hidden water trails and hear tales of the area and it's eco life in a variety of locations.
We're also offering two Archery programs this fall: Introduction to Archery for the beginners and Target Time for those with more experience.
Look for these programs and many more in our Adult and Youth catalogs.  Printed catalogs will be available by September 8th and registration begins Saturday, September 12th.
Go Green, Save Green Tip of the Month
Whether it's related to the environment or the economy, green is all over the news lately.  Here's this month's tip to reduce your environmental impact and save money:  
CookingCook Smarter.  You can easily reduce your carbon footprint and your power bill by tweaking your cooking techniques.

  • Cook in batches - If cooking from scratch, prepare enough for several meals and freeze or refrigerate extra. It will take less energy to reheat the leftovers than to cook new meals.
  • Use the smallest pan possible - smaller pans require less energy.
  • Match the pan to the burner - If the pan does not completely cover the burner, heat will escape around the sides. Placing a 6 in. pan on an 8 in. burner wastes 40% of the burner's energy.
  • Keep surfaces of cooking appliances clean and shiny to maximize the amount of heat that is reflected toward what you are cooking.
  • Cook several items on top of each other in a stacked steamer to get the most out of the energy you use.
  • Try one-dish meals; they use about a third of the energy than cooking a meal using tons of different pans would use.
  • Stop checking! You waste heat and energy every time you open up the stove or crockpot to take a peek.
Source: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: 365 Simple Ways to Save Energy, Resources, and Money by Joanna Yarrow
Help Keep Virginia Beach Beautiful
VolunteerGet the family or a group of friends together to make Virginia Beach clean and beautiful throughout the year by adopting a needy area in the City. Areas available for adoption include: beaches, highways, parks, roadways, school grounds, spots, trails, and waterways. This is a two-year adoption with a minimum of six cleanups per year. The City provides all materials and supplies, and posts a sign indicating the name of the adopting person or group at their designated location.

Ready to take part in the Adopt-A-Programs?  Call 385-0424 for more information.
Get the Kids Outside!
Kids OutsideResearch has shown that exposure to nature has positive impacts on a child's physical, emotional and mental development. Join our outdoor programs staff as we discuss the national 'No Child Left Inside' movement and introduce you to some of our new departmental outdoor programs. Learn the benefits of getting the kids outside and how you can save your children from 'nature deficit disorder'!
Attend Get the Kids Outside on Tuesday, September 29th, 7:00-8:30 pm at Princess Anne Library. Pre-registration is required and will be available beginning September 12th.
Get a head start outdoors by joining us for An Evening Outside on August 31st from 6:30-7:30 pm to learn about local wildlife from our environmental educators.  Bring a blanket and a picnic dinner for a relaxing evening that will include live animals.  This program is for ages 12 and up and registration is required.
Check Out the Action at the Lumberjack Championships!
Lumber JackGear up for thundering chain saws and swift axes as the STIHL Virginia Beach Lumberjack Championships arrive at Mount Trashmore Park on Saturday, September 19th from 12:00 - 4:00 pm! Free admission and on-site parking available for this exciting and educational event.
With a number of buzz-worthy challenges throughout the day - including underhand chop, standing block chop, Jack & Jill sawing, hot saw, single buck and the U.S. Championships for Axe Throwing - modern day lumberjacks and lumberjills will chop, smash and saw their way through a truckload of logs in no time flat. Active duty military and the Naval Special Warfare Foundation will be on-site with a Tire Flipping exhibition flipping 100 - 200 pound tires more than 8,000 times to commemorate the number of lives lost since 9/11.
Meet Madeline: Rescued Corn Snake
MadelineThis month we would like to introduce Madeline, a corn snake that was acquired in May 2004 from a private donation.  Though mostly retired, Madeline is part of the environmental outreach program used by the Outdoor Programs Team to help educate youth about local wildlife.
Learn how our experienced educators can bring a program to your group by contacting Katie Whanger at (757) 385-0426, or email
More about corn snakes
Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation believes all of our diverse citizens have a right to participate in community recreation and we are committed to creating equal access for everyone who may have a challenge or barrier. If you or your child requires additional support, we can help.  Learn more about our accommodation and inclusion services.
We welcome your comments and questions.  Feel free to email us at fun@vbgov.com.
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