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Fitness & Wellness Newsletter | July 2009 |
New Classes Coming This Fall
The Fitness Unit has been hard at work this summer creating new classes that incorporate the latest trends in fitness.  Here's a peak at some of what we'll be offering this fall.

Gliding® is a unique sliding disc exercise system that allows for smooth, fluid, graceful movements.  Gliding enhances and energizes existing class formats, allows for a more optimal range of motion and incorporates body sculpting, balance, flexibility, core and cardiovascular training. 

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Medicine Ball Madness is a total body training that you won't want to miss!  You'll start with some core work and then will quickly go into cardio combos that are fun and challenging. Intensity intervals will follow, focusing on both cardio and strength. This class uses the medicine ball to engage and activate even the tiniest of muscles.

Gliding and Medicine Ball Madness will begin appearing on our group fitness schedules in October. 

Beaming blends moves that are familiar to you in a unique way on a six inch wide, five foot long surface.  This barefoot training is a fun, yet challenging experience that aims to improve muscle tone, strength, posture, range of motion and flexibility while heightening balance awareness. 

Kettlebells improve strength, stamina and flexibility by employing all three planes of motion simultaneously.  This rediscovered device is deceptively simple yet effective for all levels of fitness. 

Beaming and Kettlebells will debut in October.  Look for dates and times in the fall catalog that comes out in September.

Zumba!Try Zumba® for FREE at Bow Creek
Celebrate the arrival of Zumba® at Bow Creek Rec Center by joining us for a FREE class on August 5th from 5:30-6:30!  Traditional Latin dance steps and rhythms combine to create an aerobic workout like you've never experienced! Participants of all ages and fitness levels will have a blast while burning up some serious calories.  Current membership is required, but a group fitness punch card is not necessary for the August 5th class.

Zumba® is offered at Bow Creek every Wednesday night and is also available at Kempsville, Bayside and Princess Anne Recreation Centers. View the entire class schedule.
Fitness Team Member Highlight: Kasey Rich 
KaseyKasey Rich has been with Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation since May 2006. A native of the southern New Jersey shore, she moved to Virginia Beach in 2005 with her husband, a sailor in the US Navy. Kasey holds a Liberal Arts degree from West Chester University with concentrations in Nutrition and Dance.  Growing up, dance was her "sport" every year, year round. Her passion for fitness developed through her love of all forms of dance, so she feels very blessed to still be involved with dance through the Fitness Unit. She currently holds a Primary Group Exercise Certification through AFAA, is certified to teach all formats of the Silver Sneakers Fitness Program and is also a certified TurboKick instructor. Kasey looks forward to the reintroduction of dance classes at all six community recreation centers this fall.
In a Fitness Rut?  Snap Out of It!
Has your exercise routine gone stale?  Here are some suggested fixes for common workout woes. 
Fitness RutSame cardio; different day: Instead of doing the elliptical trainer or treadmill three days a week, try adding in one or two other cardio activities, such as the stairclimber, dance classes or a group fitness class. Or, if you insist on only using the same piece of equipment, set the machine to follow a different program each day.
All cardio; no weights: Cardio is good for keeping your heart healthy and burning calories, but to tone up and change body composition, you need to do strength-training at least two times each week.  A well-rounded program includes exercises that work all major muscle groups.

Can't get the six-pack: All the crunches in the world won't get you washboard abs if there's fat on top of the six-pack underneath. To lose the fat, you need to do more cardio, weight train and watch what you eat through portion control.

Lifting weights and still flabby: If you always do the same strength routine, eventually your body will adapt and you'll stop seeing results. So, mix up the sets and reps and be sure to use a weight that fatigues the target muscles by the last rep.

Live Well: Tips for a Happier, Healthier You 


Adopt an Animal 

Research has shown that living with a companion animal such as a dog or cat can increase the longevity and health of your life. Pets help improve your mood and encourage you to get out and exercise. Having a companion animal also offers benefits such as: lower blood pressure, decreased stress, reduced bone loss, lowered cholesterol levels and increased circulation.

Source: "Aging Well, Live Well: It's a Wonderful Life With a Pet by Your Side," U.S. Administration on Aging,


Laugh Out Loud
Laughter is one of the best medicines for your heart. It triggers the release of endorphins that induce feelings of euphoria. Laughing can also suppress the production of cortisol, a hormone that is released when you're under stress and one that can influence blood pressure. Giggling is contagious and non-fattening, so you won't have to worry about reading the nutritional label!

Source: "Be Happy, Be Healthy," United Health Foundation,


Exercise Your Mind
Your mind as well as your body needs exercise to stay active. Keep mentally fit by doing activities such as learning a new skill, taking a class, picking up a new hobby, reading, playing games, doing crossword puzzles or learning a foreign language.

Source: Healthy Aging Campaign,


Keep Your Friends Close 

When you think of maintaining your health, diet and exercise usually come to mind. Researchers recently surveyed 3,032 American adults on their health behaviors and lifestyles and found evidence suggesting that social activities were a significant part of overall health. They noticed that frequent encounters with friends had comparable effects to exercising. Maintaining exercise is still a key component of staying healthy, but staying socially connected holds significant promise too.

Source: Today's Health and Wellness 
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