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Golf Newsletter | July 2009 |
We hope you're enjoying the gorgeous weather!  Now is the perfect time to get out on the course and soak up some sun. If you'd like to save a little green, schedule a tee time after 1 pm.  Twilight rates take effect at 1 pm at all three municipal golf courses.
While you're there, stop by any of our pro shops and enjoy the deals on selected golf bags and clubs all month long.  All stand and carry bags are 20% off - come check out our selection!
Get Your Daughter in the Game!
Dad and DaughterTake Your Daughter to the Course Week is featured at all municipal golf courses from July 6th-12th.  Share your favorite sport with your favorite girl and she'll receive a free round when accompanied by you or another paying adult.  Each course is also offering one free clinic as listed below.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity!   
Full Swing Clinic at Bow Creek from 5-6pm on July 7th
Short Game Clinic at Kempsville Greens from 5-6pm on July 9th
Rules and Putting Clinic at Red Wing Lake from 5-6pm on July 10th
Junior Golf Tournament Results
Youth ages 8-17 recently competed in the Kempsville Greens Junior Golf Championship.  Congratulations to all who participated!
Golf YouthAge 8-10 (18 holes)
1st Place: Dalton Minyard - 98
2nd Place: Shayne Stiller - 123
Age 11-12 (36 holes)
1st Place: Teddy Hoffmann - 161
2nd Place: Andre Holliday - 228
3rd Place: Phillip Reavis - 245
Age 13-14 (36 holes)
1st Place: Travis Zinn - 158
2nd Place: Matthew Meadows - 178
3rd Place: Zack Naqvi - 195
Age 15-17 (36 holes)
1st Place: John David Sanderson - 149
2nd Place: Chris Greenfield - 152
3rd Place: Ryan Hatcher - 154
Overall Champion: Chase Duffy - 141

There is still time to get your child registered for the tournament at Red Wing Lake Golf Course on July 20th and 21st.  Call 437-2037 to register.  Registrations due by July 17th.
Summer Golf Classes Available  
If you haven't signed up for a golf class yet, you still have time!  Registration for the summer is still available through EZreg. Need some more personal attention? Try a private golf lesson. We have PGA and LPGA instructors ready to help your game: Ed Collins at Bow Creek, Reynolds Dawson and Jon Sandelin at Kempsville Greens, or Sue Vreeland, Todd Wise and Liz Rowlan are available at Red Wing Lake. Just contact the pro shop and ask your favorite pro for some advice.
See what we're offering in the Youth Programs and Adult Programs catalogs.
Kempsville Greens Bank Stabilization Project Update
The bulkhead project has been completed and both holes (#1 & #11) are now open for play.  The temporary greens are no longer in use; however, the "pay for 18 and play all day" special will continue through Labor Day Weekend.  Get in some extra practice at no additional cost!  Call Kempsville Greens at 474-8441.
Fun Fact: Incredible Ace
The first recorded hole-in-one in a tournament was made in 1868 at the Open Championship at Prestwick, Scotland. Young Tom Morris scored the ace on the 145-yard 8th hole.  Young Tom went on to win the tournament, his first of four victories in a row.

Pro Tip: Relax!

by Ed Collins, PGA instructor at Bow Creek Golf Course 


Often times, someone will come to a golf lesson complaining that their practice swing is better than their regular swing.  The reason: when we take a practice swing, we do so without tension.  Holding a club too tight or simply trying to swing the club hard to get more clubhead speed can result in tension. This is a destroyer of your golf swing because it doesn't allow the club to swing on its axis, thus throwing off the balance.

A few ways to relax:

1. Practice deep breathing when facing a potentially stressful situation on the golf course. Take two or three deep breaths while letting the body become more relaxed with each exhalation.

2. Tighten your muscles as much as possible, then relax and feel the tension run out of your fingertips and toes.

3. While holding the clubs, try to feel the weight of each club.  If you do not feel the weight, the club is being squeezed too tightly.
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