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Fitness & Wellness Newsletter | June 2009 |
Do You Zumba®
ZumbaTraditional Latin dance steps and rhythms combine to create an aerobic workout like you've never experienced!  Zumba® is now being offered at Kempsville, Bayside and Princess Anne Recreation Centers. Participants of all ages and fitness levels will have a blast while burning up some serious calories. Ditch the workout, join the party!   Current membership and group fitness punch card required.  View the class schedule.
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AthleteCall for Athletes Age 50 and Better 
You've made it a point to stay active, so come out and show your talents at the Forever Fit Games!  The event will be held October 2nd and 3rd and registration is available now.  Competitions include: badminton, basketball, billiards, bocce, cornhole, golf, horseshoes, pickleball, shuffleboards, softball hit and throw, swimming, table tennis, track & field.  The $20 fee entitles participants to five events. View additional event details.
Fitness Team Member Highlight: Robert Arbogast 
Robert ARobert Arbogast's career in parks and recreation has spanned more than 12 years in positions ranging from maintenance worker, assistant recreation center director, park manager and recreation specialist.  In his latest role as a member of the Fitness Unit, Robert's focus has recently been in the area of aquatic fitness.  Along with teaching many of the water fitness classes, he is working to broaden the aquatic fitness offerings.  Robert is working to improve the offerings for the senior population and to create classes for patrons that may be looking for more challenging workouts.
Robert holds a B.S. in Sports Management from Methodist University.  He has certifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training and is a member of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.  He is also a trained SilverSneakers® instructor and has enjoyed teaching a variety of fitness classes for seniors.
Three Great Reasons to Try a Boot Camp Workout!
Boot camp workouts have emerged as one of the most popular fitness trends over the last couple of years.  Here a just a few reasons to try a boot camp class: 
Boot Camp1. No Fancy Equipment Needed
Boot camp is all about exercises that use your body's own weight as resistance or rely on simple tools like steps or platforms, cones, weighted balls, dumbbells, ropes and props that are easy to use and can be found anywhere.

2. You Get an Aerobic and Muscle Toning Workout at the Same Time
If you have limited time to exercise, a boot camp workout is one of the most efficient programs around. It allows you to get aerobic and strength training done in a single workout which means you'll spend less time exercising. Despite working out less, you'll still burn a substantial number of calories due to the intensity of the workout.

3. You Won't Be Bored
Time goes by quickly when you're engaged in so many types of exercises and the class will be over before you know it. You'll certainly be challenged, but never bored!
We offer boot camps at Mount Trashmore Park and on the beach at Sandbridge.  The next available class begins July 7th at Sandbridge.  Get the details>>
Fructose and Simple Sugars - Sweet! Or Not?  
CandyWhile salt has always been known as the silent killer, fructose is quickly emerging as the silent fattener. According to an October 19, 2008 article in ScienceDaily, "Eating too much fructose can induce leptin resistance, a condition that can easily lead to becoming overweight when combined with a high-fat, high-calorie diet. Although previous studies have shown that being leptin resistant can lead to rapid weight gain on a high-fat, high-calorie diet, this is the first study to show that leptin resistance can develop as a result of high fructose consumption." 
So how can you reduce your fructose intake?
  • Know how much sugar a person of your height and weight can consume. No more than 10% of calories should come from added sweeteners.
  • Read labels.
  • Know your sugars - simple vs. complex.
  • Exercise to burn up those empty calories.
  • Practice moderation.
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