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Check Out the Newest Way to Enjoy the Ocean 
Stand-Up PaddleboardingStand-up paddle surfing is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage.  The sport is an ancient form of surfing that began as a way for instructors to manage their large groups of learner surfers.  Standing on the board gave them a higher viewpoint, increasing visibility of what was going on around them - such as an incoming swell. 
Stand-Up Paddleboarding Class
See the ocean as never before while getting the workout of your life. The introduction to Stand-Up Paddle Boarding class will focus on balance, paddling techniques and moving through the water. Instruction begins on the beach, then moves to the ocean. Classes meet at Little Island Park and cost $60.
#89941 Saturday, July 18th from 9 - 11 am >>Register now
#89942 Saturday, Aug 15th from 9 - 11 am >>Register now
Go Green, Save Green Tip of the Month
Whether it's related to the environment or the economy, green is all over the news lately.  Here's this month's tip to reduce your environmental impact and save money:  
Think Before You Print.  Save money on ink and paper by checking to see if you really need a paper copy of that email before hitting the print button. Still think you need it? Check out the econo mode for printing which will at least use less ink and save you money in the long run on those refilled cartridges.
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For the Love of the Environment: Clean the Bay Day 2009
On June 6th, 2,000 vounteers in Virginia Beach took part in Clean the Bay Day and collected more than 50,000 pounds of debris from across the City!  Approximately 170 miles were cleaned by volunteer groups in just 3 hours.  The most common items pulled from the waterways and shoreline were cigarette butts and plastic bottles.  Some of the most unusual items were shopping carts, cribs, crutches and even a car!  Congratulations on a job well done!
View photos of the clean up.
Litter DecompositionCBD
Do you know just how long litter takes to decompose?
Banana/orange peel -- 2-5 weeks
Cotton rag -- 1-5 months
Cigarette butt -- 1-5 years
Plastic-coated paper -- 5 years
Plastic bag -- 10-20 years
Plastic film container -- 20-30 years
Nylon fabric -- 30-40 years
Leather -- up to 50 years
Rubber boot sole -- 50-80 years
Aluminum can -- 200-500 years
Plastic 6-pack cover -- 450 years
Glass bottle -- 1 million years
Source: California Waste Mgmt Bulletin
Youth Will 'Get Hooked' on Fishing 
Children ages 6-12 can learn the basics of fishing at Lake Smith Fishing Station on Friday, July 10th from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. In addition to fishing instruction, the day will include proper handling of tackle and equipment, casting activities and a fish-related craft. Poles, bait and tackle will be provided. Proper footwear is required. Please bring water, snack and sunscreen.  Cost: $20  >>Register now
Thanks to those who joined us for the Family Fishing Clinic.  Sixty-six youth teamed up with experienced fisherman for guided instruction on beginning fishing skills and a fun day all around!
Over 20,000 Attend Earth Day 2009
ED09Earth Day was held at Mt. Trashmore Park on May 3rd with an estimated attendance of over 20,000 people!  With over 50 interactive exhibits and activities, attendees had the chance to discover and explore effective, convenient and cutting-edge ways to green their lifestyle. Attendees were able to register for a low-cost Rain Barrel Workshop and got behind the wheel of a Smart Car.  eCycling for old computers, electronics and other related peripherals (like ink cartridges) was available.
There were theme-specific exhibits and demonstrations on how to reduce your carbon footprint, categorized by "You & the Environment," "Home & Yard," and "Auto." There were eco-friendly car maintenance tips, the benefits of using compact-fluorescent light bulbs, environmentally-sound techniques applied to your garden, and so much more!
There was also a tree seedling giveaway alongside interesting and educational exhibits, including wild animals as part of the Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation "Park it ... Outdoors!" program, alternative fuel vehicles, interactive environmental exhibits - like the Virginia Aquarium's touch tank and "Ocean in Motion" trailer, a Natural Gas Monster Fire Truck and more!
Check out some photos from the event! 
Meet Rocky: Rescued Wood Turtle
TurtleLast month we featured Aire, a red-tailed hawk that was unable to be returned to the wild and was offered a safe haven with Parks and Recreation's Outdoor Programs Team.  This month we would like to introduce Rocky, our rescued wood turtle.  Rocky was found by staff in a parking lot of an apartment complex back in 2006 with injuries to his shell, tail and toes.  He is estimated to be at least 28 years old!  Rocky is part of the environmental outreach program used to help educate youth about local wildlife.
Learn how our experienced educators can bring a program to your group by contacting Katie Whanger at (757) 385-0426, or email
More about wood turtles
We welcome your comments and questions.  Feel free to email us at fun@vbgov.com.
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