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Aquatics Newsletter | June 2009 |
S is for Sun Safety
Sun SafetyKnow how to protect your family from the sun. For the best protection, we recommend a combination of sun protection measures.

Protect Your Skin
1. SLIP on a shirt that covers as much skin as possible.
2. SLOP on broad spectrum, water resistant, SPF 15+ sunscreen.
3. SLAP on a hat that protects your face, neck and ears.
4. SEEK shade.
5. SLIDE on some sunglasses, but make sure they have UVA protection coating.  

Which Sunscreen Should I Use?
Select a sunscreen that will protect you from both UVA and UVB radiation, this means using a broad spectrum sunscreen.  It should be SPF 15+ sunscreen and water resistant. According to a study by the FDA, an SPF 15 can provide approximately 93% protection from the sun, while an SPF 60 provides approximately 98%. Therefore, no matter which level of sunscreen is used, the guidelines for use and application are the same.

  • Reapply sunscreen every two hours- perspiration and water can wear off even waterproof formulas.
  • SPF 15 - ideal for everyday use with minimal sun exposure, such as walking down the street or driving to work.
  • SPF 30 or higher - ideal when spending 2 or more hours outdoors, even on cloudy days, since clouds do not block UV rays.
  • Make sure the sunscreen that you are using has not expired yet, if so throw it out.
  • Sunscreen that is past its expiration date will lose its effectiveness and start to deteriorate.
  • Avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm, when the rays are the strongest.

Put your knowledge to the test with this Sun Safety Quiz created by the American Cancer Society.

Introductory Youth Diving Class 
DiverHas your child shown an interest in learning how to dive?  We'll teach potential divers ages 8-16 the fundamentals of diving in this Introductory Springboard Diving class.  Participants will learn basic diving skills, including approaches, forward, back, inward, reverse and half-twist dives off a 1-meter diving board.  Youth must be deep water safe and able to dive off the diving board. A current Recreation Center membership or day pass is required for each class.
Lifeguards Wanted 
Applications are currently being accepted for certified lifeguards at our community recreation centers.

Visit our career site and find a part-time lifeguard position.  Lifeguards earn $8.64 per hour and must be 16 years old.  Certification is required.

Pool Calendars

Take the Plunge and Learn to Swim!
Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation's Aquatic Unit and the American Red Cross are pleased to announce the release of a newly revised and improved Swimming and Water Safety program.  The program continues the proud tradition of teaching people to swim and be safe in, on and around the water...ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the water safely, regardless of age or skill level.

Tiny Bobbers with Adult Guardian (Ages 1-3)

A participating adult guardian provides support and comfort as the child begins to learn water safety, water adjustment and swimming skills through activities and songs. 
>>Get course info


Pre-school Paddlers (Age 4)
Uses levels 1-3 of the Learn to Swim Program and includes progressive swimming skills and water safety education.  >>Get course info


American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program (Ages 5-15)
 Level 1: Introduction to Water Skills
 Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
 Level 3: Stroke Development  >>Get course info (levels 1-3) 

 Level 4: Stroke Improvement
 Level 5: Stroke Refinement 
>>Get course info (levels 4-5)
Learn to Swim - Teen (Ages 12-15)
Intended for teens with little or no swimming experience, this course uses levels 1-3 of the Learn to Swim Program. 
>>Get course info

M.I.L.E.S (Ages 5-15)
(Momentum - Instruction - Lifeguard - Experienced - Swimmers) This course will prepare swimmers for participation with high school swim teams, swim league and familiarize them with introductory water safety and lifeguarding skills in preparation for becoming a lifeguard.  >>Get course info

Learn to Swim - Adult (Ages 16 & Up)
Learn to swim and get fit! This class includes both Learn to Swim skills for beginners and advanced workout/fitness techniques. 
>>Get course info
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