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Tennis Newsletter | May 2009 |

Hope you had a great Spring Break!
Leagues have started playing and we are enjoying the beautiful weather.
Be sure to call or come by to register yourself and your children for our spring/summer classes!  We offer a variety of classes from beginner to advanced.  Also, don't forget to pick up our summer camp schedule- a favorite for the kids when school is out in June.
Please stop in and check out our new clothing lines from LBH, Tail, and Nike.  The colors are vibrant and refreshing!  We can also get your racquet "tuned up;" or find a new Wilson racquet suited just for you.  Ask about using one of our demos to try it out while you're playing here.

Our tournament director, Donny Weed, is running some great USTA junior tournaments on the weekends this spring and summer. Be sure to sign up early to reserve your spot.  The kids are enjoying winning the handsome awards he gives out!
Our drop-in clinics, classes, and tournament schedule are always available to you online at
Happy May!
-Pam, Pro Shop Manager


Recipe of the Month
You'll love this "good for you" pasta dish! 
Welcome Our New Pro: Ramin Daryabeigi 
Ramin, Tennis ProRamin joins us from California and brings over 20 years of teaching experience with him.  He played on the pro tour from 1989 to 1993 in Europe, the U.S. and Mexico.  In 1994, he held the Open Men's singles ranking of #35 in Southern California and in 2002, he held the 35 and under ranking of #2 in Southern California. 
Ramin is ready to get you on the court.  Please call our pro shop at 385-2695 to schedule an appointment.
Owl Creek Pro Tip: Serving Power 
Looking to get more pop on the serve?  Loosen those grips.
Many players have too tight of a grip on the racquet.  This habit causes excessive muscle tension and decreases your ability to get that "snap" that you need to generate racquet speed and create more power.  One way to work on this is to move your serving hand all the way to the end of the grip with your pinkie finger off the racquet.  This will force you to loosen your grip and promote good wrist snap through the ball.
k factorTrade Up to a Wilson [K] Factor Racquet
Starting now through June 30, 2009, bring in your old racquet and receive $30 off the purchase of a select new [K] Factor tennis racquet!
This is the perfect time for you to get out on the tennis court with a brand new Wilson [K] Factor racquet that is sure to enhance your game.  Not only will you reap the benefits on the court, but your actions are also a part of a green initiative to recycle and reuse.
Good for your game, good for the environment!  Get the coupon
Preview New Tennis Class Listings 
Get a sneak preview of our new tennis classes that will begin in early June.  Take a look at the Summer Youth Programs and Adult Programs catalogs.  Registration begins Saturday, June 6th.  Classes for beginner and intermediate players of all ages are offered.  Individual lessons, boot camps and drop-in clinics are also available.  Call the pro shop at 385-2695 for details.
Upcoming Junior Tournaments 
Racquet Restringing
Many players ask the questions, "Does my racquet need to be restrung?" and "How often?"  The old rule of thumb is still pretty accurate: the number of times you play per week is the number of times you should get your racquet restrung per year.  This is a general rule, of course, and should be adjusted depending on factors such as the type of string being used, string tension and player style.
If you are one of those players who never restrings, you are not going to get the best performance out of your racquet.  Although strings cannot hit the ball for you, they certainly can add to your overall performance.
Save 10%
10% Off Stringing at Owl Creek Tennis Center
Bring this coupon in to Owl Creek Tennis Center in May and save 10% off your next stringing.  Limit one per customer.
Offer Expires: 6/15/09
Owl Creek Municipal Tennis Center
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