BREWSTER DAY CAMP         Newsletter       August 13, 2012    Week #8     Vol. 27  Issue 15
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Nurturing and Challenging Children and Families with Courage, Hope, Good Spirit & Peace since 1981!

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This was a fantastic MOMENT: At the four camp invitational archery tournament at CCSC, two boys in the ten and under category from opposing camps tied for second place. The organizers of the tournament decided to have a shoot out: Both boys on the line simultaneously shooting 3 arrows each. With his last arrow, the BDC archer shot a perfect bulls-eye! Not only did he secure his own win, but that score bumped BDC into finishing second place overall in the tournament. Way to go BDC...we are small, yet mighty! 

DATES this WEEK: August 13 - 17, 2012

SPECIAL EVENT this WEEK: Wompanoag Day is this Thursday. See details in the letter to the right.

SWIM MEET this WEEK: Wednesday, August 15th  BDC vs. Wychmere Harbor Club AWAY in the morning. BDC vs. OURSELVES at 1:00-2:45 in our pool. All are welcome.

EVERYDAY FAMILY SWIM: M-F 5:00-6:30 (Weather permitting.  Please call if you are making a special trip.)

FRIDAY MORNING ASSEMBLIES: All Camp at Sailors Hill 8:50-9:30 and Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill 9:30-10:00. Please join us! 

FRIDAY PLAYERS PERFORMANCE: This Friday from 3:15-3:45, BDC Campers perform a play written by campers and staff. This Friday, the Players Performance will feature the Olympic Day Team Skits, typically a tie breaker in the Olympic Day Score Tally!

*****FINAL PICNIC/SWIM and COUNCIL FIRE: This Friday, August 17th. 5:00. See details below. 
What a strange MOMENT at camp...Bandits on toy horses roaming around BDC?! Yes, the Gold Rush is an all camp game and these counselors embraced their roles whole-heartedly!
*****THIS Friday,August 17***** 

The Final Picnic and Council Fire is THIS Friday evening from 5:00-7:30pm for all age campers and their families.

The Plan:
5:00  Final Swim and Family Picnic (NOT pot-luck)
6:00  Camper/Staff Parade
6:15 Council Fire on the MUGS Field to sing songs, recognize our achievement,and say good-bye for the summer. We will be finished by approximately 7:15pm.

IMPORTANT: Every camper must be accompanied by an adult by 5:00 when the camp day ends. Our staff is unable to be with individual campers who are left after 5:00pm.

THIS WEEK'S BDC ANIMAL FIND: On a WOW (Wonders of the World-erness trip, this black garden snake was spotted. The campers named it, "Big Mama,"  for obvious reasons! 

Help us spread the word: The year round Family and Salt Box School have space available for infant through 5 year olds as well as a wonderful School Age Club - after school care for local elementary students.

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We create a wonderful MOMENT for every camper on his/her last day of camp no matter when that comes. Tent Counselors sign a BDC pennant with the tent group name, year, and write about a few special MOMENTS shared together. When you leave, make sure that you get your special BDC pennant! 
BDC if you are interested in joining us! 




Thank you in advance for keeping our busy parking lot safe for children and families. Please following these guidelines:

- Always follow the directions of the BDC Parking Attendants wearing orange vests.

- Put away your cell phone so that your full attention is on driving and parking.    


- Use the Safe Path (through the trees) to stay away from cars.


- Turn off your car when you go to get your campers.


- While in the parking lot, children should remain with you (not playing with rocks in the parking lot.)


-  We are smoke free campus. Please refrain from smoking in your car while in our lot.



Hello BDC Family and Friends,
Week #8 is upon us and we have exactly forty hours left to enjoy everything that we have created together this summer. In JUST A MOMENT, camp will be ending. Like Brigadoon, in the story of Gulliver's Travels, the place is here and then gone.

In an effort to slow down or stop time from moving so quickly, BDC
will celebrate Wompanoag Day this Thursday at camp. All of the camp clocks will be removed and people are asked to take off their watches. Like the native people who lived on this land before us, on this day we teach children by taking away the pressure of time. On Wompanoag Day at BDC, "the time that it takes, is the time that it takes." This Thursday, campers will move freely from activity to activity enjoying each MOMENT to its fullest. Wompanoag  means "People of the First Light." Like those who came before us on Cape Cod, we too are the first to see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. We savor every MOMENT of each day.

Join us this week - either in person or virtually via this email - as we embrace all that camp has to offer because in JUST A MOMENT, it will all vanish!     

Wishing you a last gasp of CHGS+P!
misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp 

PS. I will send one more email next week before we resume our monthly emails in the off season. Next week's email will contain a Camp Survey. Please take five minutes to let us know what you think about your experience at BDC. We really do read your comments! Your thoughts help make BDC better and better each season. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful feedback. 

Congratulations BDC archers. You created a wonderful MOMENT in which we could all share! 

Last week at BDC, we celebrated our very own Olympic Day with the camp divided into 8 different countries. A great time was had by all! The winning team this year was from the country of  Pakistan. Congratulations!

A peaceful MOMENT reserved for a friend. What MOMENTS have you enjoyed lately?

"Summertime is always the best of what might be."   
~ Charles Bowden

Thank you to the entire camp for creating such a special MOMENT for me: On 8/8 the entire camp formed a huge circle on the ball field, invited me inside, sang happy birthday, and then "round the hill you must go...you must go..." as I gave a high five to every person on the circle. As the sign says: THANK YOU!! I feel very blessed to work and play with with so many wonderful people.
Find Out What's Happening at BDC!

BDC Campers are writing a blog called LEAP DAYS..

Go here!

Sometimes special MOMENTS happen in the sandbox!

A camp family is looking to help place place 4 students (a boy and girl from China, a girl from France and a boy from Belgium) with host families in or around the Nauset school district. "Family" may consist of a single person, couple with or without children or really any person or family unit interested in hosting a foreign student.  While the family should be primarily motivated for the cultural experience, the organization pays a $700 per month per student stipend to host families to offset the cost of room and board. These four students arrive August 24th, so the organization is eager to connect with families. If interested, please email Jennifer Rako  at jsr@jenniferrako.com. 

Not sure what the Camper Expectations are at BDC?
 Go here to read BDC '12 Camper's Guide.

Remember to pack a HUGE lunch with lots healthy snacks. Campers burn nearly twice the amount of calories while playing at camp than they do sitting at a desk in school.

Get lots of sleep. Most campers need more sleep in the summer because their bones are growing much faster now than in the winter due to all of the vitamin D from healthy exposure to the sun.  
  • Please discuss the following BDC Camper Expectations with your K-8th grade camper prior to his/her arrival at camp:
  1. All campers will come to camp prepared to take part in the full camp schedule by attending all activities and following the rules for each activity.
  2. All campers will use appropriate language and behavior and keep themselves, their friends, and their counselors safe and in no way endanger anyone on our campus. Hitting, fighting, rock throwing, harassment of any kind, verbal abuse, or swearing are prohibited at Brewster Day Camp and are grounds for immediate dismissal.
  3. All campers will keep their body parts in their own personal space. Sexual contact between campers will result in dismissal from camp.
Wishing you and your family
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace!