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One key to being JOYFUL is focusing on the present moment. When you are fully present for what is happening right around you it is impossible to be anything other than JOYFUL. Past regrets and future worries do not exist in the present moment, leaving room for only JOY to thrive! 

DATES this WEEK: August 6 - 10, 2012

SPECIAL EVENT this WEEK: Carnival on Friday! This is a morning only special event. Uniquely special at BDC, this camper created/camper run carnival is made special each year by kids for kids!

SWIM MEET this WEEK: Wednesday, August 8th BDC vs. Orleans Recreation at 1:00-2:45 in our pool. All are welcome. BDC  vs. cape Cod Sea Camps AWAY.

LAST WATER WIZZ Trip # 4: Thursday, August 9th. Plenty of room to sign up - call the BDC Office or stop by!

ARCHERY TOURNAMENT at CCSC: Thursday, August 9th By invitation only of our Head of Archery, campers representing BDC will travel across the street to compete at Cape Cod Sea Camps where there will be a few other Cape Cod camps in attendance. (Really, it's this week...last week's note was a typo - apologies to all for any confusion!)

EVERYDAY FAMILY SWIM: M-F 5:00-6:30 (Weather permitting.  Please call if you are making a special trip.)

EXTRAS: There is still room to add the following to your camper's schedule: Semi Private Swim, Tennis, Golf, Sailing School, Stand Up Paddleboarding - SUP. Inquire at the BDC Office.

FRIDAY MORNING ASSEMBLIES: All Camp at Sailors Hill 8:50-9:30 and Young Children's Program at Mariners Hill 9:30-10:00. Please join us! 

FRIDAY PLAYERS PERFORMANCE: Each Friday from 3:15-3:45, BDC Campers perform a play written by campers and staff. This Friday, the Players Performance will feature the Olympic Day Team Skits, typically a tie breaker in the Olympic Day Score Tally! 
Holding hands is a great way to touch JOY! Give three gentle squeezes to say, "I love you" without words. I double dare you to share your JOY in creative ways. Camp is a great place to practice this skill. 

THIS WEEK'S BDC ANIMAL FIND: This is Blueberry the camp hamster on loan for the summer from the Mudd Family. Sometimes JOY looks more like a whole lot of patience! Or maybe Blueberry is just giving the gift of JOY to others who have the opportunity to cuddle with him/her?! 
Sharing JOY, with a laugh or a joke, is one of the best parts about being human. Unique to camp however, is our ability to share this JOY across generations. Think about when you last saw two people separated by nearly 20 years share JOY in this way: now that's camp! 



We have a little tiny bit of space left in camp in some groups during a few weeks.

BDC if you are interested in joining us! 


Enroll Online!



Thank you in advance for keeping our busy parking lot safe for children and families. Please following these guidelines:

- Always follow the directions of the BDC Parking Attendants wearing orange vests.

- Put away your cell phone so that your full attention is on driving and parking.    


- Use the Safe Path (through the trees) to stay away from cars.


- Turn off your car when you go to get your campers.


- While in the parking lot, children should remain with you (not playing with rocks in the parking lot.)


-  We are smoke free campus. Please refrain from smoking in your car while in our lot.



Hello BDC Family and Friends,
Joy abounds at BDC as we enter Week #7 of our eight week program. With only 10 camp days left this season, some would expect that our staff is tired or the campers, disengaged. However, that is the farthest thing from the truth here at BDC!

JOY is EVERYWHERE you look at 3570 Main Street. If you are just joining us now, you will feel and see this JOY as soon as you enter our parking lot. If you are reading this from lands far away from camp, ENJOY the photos. I hope that they bring some JOY to you where ever you may be this summer. This week, I am wishing you tons of JOY as well as...     

misa signature
Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp 

PS. The final photo at the bottom of this week's eWaves depicts our fantastic pool staff having just finished a MOCK rescue in our pool with a camper volunteer. During Staff Training Week and continuing periodically throughout the summer, we practice our safety skills. The JOY that you see in the faces of our staff is a testament to their unending commitment to hard work while creating safety and JOY for campers at BDC. A special thanks to Officer Glen and the Brewster Fire Department for visiting BDC and watching this particular mock rescue. Your support of all that we do at camp helps BDC bring safety and JOY to all! 

JOY often looks calm, relaxed, and focused...notice the next time that you feel JOYFUL. What are you doing? What brings you JOY?

Sometimes JOY is a very personal experience. When we challenge ourselves in areas of our own expertise, we experience JOY on a different level. At BDC, we help campers cultivate their own passions so that they can experience the pure JOY that comes from true mastery. What are you passionate about?

JOY, JOYFUL, JOYOUS! This photo shows a whole pack of JOY. Need we say more? This image says it all!

There is something about boys and bunny ears...whenever the camp camera comes out around middle school boys who are feeling JOYFUL, make the peace sign/bunny ears if held behind another person's head. If you know why human boys ages 11-13 always show this as a sign of JOY, email me here! I am so curious to know..

"Spring flew swiftly by, and summer came; and if the village had been beautiful at first, it was now in the full glow and luxuriance of its richness...It was the prime and vigor of the year; all things were glad and flourishing."

~ Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist
Find Out What's Happening at BDC!

BDC Campers are writing a blog called LEAP DAYS..

Go here!

Silliness is the first cousin to JOY. Experiment for yourself: Draw or paint a mustache on your index finger, put your pointer up to your face while talking in a funny voice. I guarantee that you will create JOY around you!

JOY can be appreciated on the outside with a smile or a hug though really you are seeing into the the soul of the person when someone is JOYFUL. They are giving you a gift by sharing their true self. Camp has a special way of helping us show our true insides. Let someone see inside you...share your JOY! 


Not sure what the Camper Expectations are at BDC?
 Go here to read BDC '12 Camper's Guide.

Remember to pack a HUGE lunch with lots healthy snacks. Campers burn nearly twice the amount of calories while playing at camp than they do sitting at a desk in school.

Get lots of sleep. Most campers need more sleep in the summer because their bones are growing much faster now than in the winter due to all of the vitamin D from healthy exposure to the sun.  
Wishing you and your family
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace!