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Sometimes at BDC, campers and counselors agree to CHANGE the power balance in appropriate ways.  These Mariners Hill campers did just that on their Crosby Beach Trip when they buried their counselor in the warm sand!  To learn more about what people say about BDC go here.

"CHANGE is the only constant."  


Keeping company with nature is another way that campers at BDC embrace CHANGE. Sit at the beach for just one minute and you will notice many CHANGES in the wind, water, sand, and light. Honing our sensitivity to and our acceptance of CHANGE is an important skill to build as we grow towards adulthood. As we all get older, we experience so many CHANGES in our bodies and in our lives! Accepting these CHANGES makes for much smoother aging - now matter your number in years! To learn more about our Extras and Trip Program go here.


We are very excited to announce the BDC '12 Program Staff

ART HEAD: Taryn van Esselstyn 
ARCHERY HEAD: Oren Richkin 
BDOC HEAD: Lindsay Law 
EXPLORE HEAD: Colin Byrne 
LEAP HEAD: Kelly Cattano 
STAR HEAD: Patrice Ermilio 
MUGS HEAD: Alex Knudson 
WOW HEAD: Martine Knights

To learn more about these BDC Activities go here and to learn what all of these BDC acronyms mean, go here.

Check back next month as we will announce the Pool, Waterfont, and Tent Counseling Staff! 

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Hello BDC Family,

Cue humming sound here......

"Turn and face the strange CH-CH-CHANGES." 

White snow drops peeking through the cold ground. Geese flying in formation towards the North. Light in the eyes when the alarm clock buzzes. Watching the sunset from the kitchen window while making dinner and not through the office window in the middle of the afternoon!

These are all signs of CHANGE. The least subtle of the seasonal CHANGES are all around us right now in New England. As we all know, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." As the days creep slowly longer at this time of the year, these CHANGES may look more like two steps forward and one step back. Have faith, we are clearly moving in the summer direction!

We in the BDC Winter Office are confident of this fact because the phone is ringing and the email boxes are filling. Eager parents are enrolling their lucky children and returning staff are counting the days until they get their feet back in the sand and play with happy campers at BDC!

Spaces are filling fast so be in touch soon in order to secure your first choice schedule. For Dates and Rates, go here. You may CHANGE your schedule with no penalty until May 1st!  How's that for embracing CHANGE!?

As always, I am wishing you...    


misa signature

Milisa 'misa' Galazzi, Director
Brewster Day Camp

PS. If your child is CHANGING to a new Hill at BDC and you (or they) have any questions about the differences, please call our office. We are excited to talk to you about the exciting CHANGES campers experience as they grow through our program! This is particularly true for rising K, 2nd, 5th, and 9th graders...

While "feet stay on the ground at BDC" here in our new Winter Office with 14 foot ceilings, Misa and Rob are at the top of a 12 foot ladder hanging the refurbished camp sign. Together, Rob and Misa hand gilded the Summer Office sign and are keeping it safe until the next big office CHANGE of location to Cape Cod for the summer in a few short months!

PS. We LOVE our new space and have enjoyed simultaneous interviewing and administrative meetings in our spacious new digs. As one honored guest said as she entered, "No idea is too large to be thought in this wonderfully creative space." We agree!  

Artistic expression is a great way to CHANGE - even if only temporarily - by transporting all of us to a different reality!

A refreshing CHANGE from the school curriculum, at BDC our primary focus is on relationships: How to make a friend; How to maintain close alliances while including others (not excluding); How to engage in group play which focuses on cooperation (not competition); How to gracefully say good-bye and embrace closure at the end of the day or at the end our time together. Where else can you learn these critical life skills for success...at CAMP!  
To learn more about BDC's Philosophy go here.

"The key to CHANGE...is to let go of fear!"

Rosanne Cash 
STAFF HOUSING...If you know of any housing options for our STUPENDOUS staff, please email us here. We have a few counselors looking to rent a room in a house as well as a small group looking to rent an apartment or small cottage.  
Wishing you and your family
 Courage, Hope, Good Spirit, and Peace!