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The Little Things

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     in this issue:

      Halloween Ideas
                 Party Invitations                                       
New Products from
          Lasting Impressions
          Bisous by Suzanne Carillo
          Danielle Engebretson
          Traci Murphy
          Karen Lewis
          Tara Reed 
          Melissa Nuttall
the little things...
that is what life is made of

Halloween Ideas...
               Party Invitations
MemoryMIxer's new Project Pattern Pillow Box Mini is a great way to create party favors or invitations.
MemoryMixer Digital Project Pattern
This new project pattern fits two on a page so you can create two at a time or use one to create the text for a party invitation, cut it out and attach to the inside of your pillow box for a clever invite...add a few treats if you dare!

Check out all the fun Halloween Digital Scrapbooking goodies at the
                         Happy Mixin,


Watch for more fun
ween Ideas,
                     Thanksgiving Inspiration and our          
        Christmas Countdown
      using MemoryMixer, Digital Scrapbooking Software (& more)                
                                                                                               made easy!


New Products
from Lasting Impressions 
        Pillow Box Mini for Digital Scrapbooking
New Products
from Bisous by Suzanne Carillo 
    Halloween QuickMix for MemoryMixer
Halloween QuickMix. You'll have a devilishly good time with this boo-tiful 8 page quickmix! Beautiful rich colors will make you want to "scream" with delight! Hee, hee, hee! Happy fright night! Don't forget to take a peek at the Halloween Embellishment Pack and Paper Pack for more ghoulish fun!
    Halloween Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Halloween Embellishment Pack contains cute little characters for dressing up fun trick-or-treat'ing pages! Take a peek at the Halloween QuickMix and Paper Pack for more sweet treat fun!
    Halloween Paper Pack Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Halloween Paper Pack. Beautiful dark colors in purples, greens, blues and blacks just waiting for you to add your creative touch to. Peer into the night and uncover the Halloween QuickMix and Embellishment Pack too! Scrap now so you can rest in peace! Bwa-ah-ahh! :-)
New Products
from Danielle Engebretson 
    Citrus Tangerine QuickMix for MemoryMixer
Citrus Tangerine QuickMix. This bright and cheerful quickmix can be used for so many everyday occassions. Who says you need a special reason to scrap. Scrap just for the fun of it! LOL! Coordinates with the Citrus Tangerine Embellishment Pack, Paper Pack, and Alphabet Pack too!!
    Sweetness QuickMix for MemoryMixer
Sweetness QuickMix. This 6 page quickmix is so full of sweetness with it's soft colors of pinks, blues and greens. You'll fall in love with it. It also coordinates with the Sweetness Embellishment Pack, Paper Pack, Wordart Pack and Alphabet Pack too!!
New Products
from Traci Murphy 
     Lil Thrasher Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Lil Thrasher Embellishment Pack has tons of embellishments for scrapping your "skater dude"! He'll think you're a totally awesome mom when he sees what you've done to scrap his accomplishments! Pretty righteous, dude! Coordinates with the Lil Thrasher Paper Pack and Alphabet Pack. Tell him to get out there and grind those rails!
     Lil Thrasher Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Lil Thrasher Alphabet Pack in a metal mesh design, just right for your lil' thrasher's pages! Coordinates with the Lil Thrasher Embellishment Pack and Paper Pack.
     Lil Thrasher Paper Pack Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Lil Thrasher Paper Pack contains 10 bold colored papers for your skateboarding dudes and dudettes! Reds, whites, blues, greens and grays. Awesome papers! Coordinates with the Lil Thrasher Embellishment Pack and Alphabet Pack . . . dude!
New Products
from Karen Lewis 
     Amberley QuickMix for MemoryMixer
Amberley QuickMix is a soft 6 page quickmix for scrapping friends, family, kids, even pets . . . anyone you love that you want to remember forever. Don't forget to scrap yourself too! :-)  Coordinates with the Amberley Embellishment Pack, Paper Pack 1, Paper Pack 2 and Alphabet Pack.
New Products
from Tara Reed 
    Welcome to the Roost QuickMix for MemoryMixer
Welcome to the Roost QuickMix. A fun little 5 page quickmix with a laid back country feel. Whether you live out in the country away from the hustle and bustle or spending a weekend at the cabin, this little quickmix gives you the feeling to slow down and simplfy your life. Cock-a-doodle-do! Coordinates with the Welcome to the Roost Embellishment Pack and Paper Pack.
New Products
from Melissa Nuttall 
    Showers Bring May Flowers QuickMix for MemoryMixer
Showers Bring May Flowers QuickMix. Bright happy colors of green and purple adorn this darling 6 page quickmix. Sweet pages to scrap your beautiful children in some of their softer moments.  Coordinates with the Embellishment Pack, Paper Pack and Alphabet Pack.

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