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          digi can use iPhoto with MemoryMixer 
new products from: 
         Stories about Me
         Danielle Engebretson 
         Designs by Krista
Freebie from:  The Little Things


          the little things...that is what life is made of

  If you have a Mac, we have some exciting news for you!!
Our friend Lance at Rusty Pickle shared with us a great way to access your iPhoto straight from MemoryMixer.
To use your images in iPhoto with MemoryMixer, the images need to be made accessible.  Currently the images are part of iPhoto's Packaged Contents. 
Follow these simple steps:

1- Open Finder and go to your "Picture" Folder.

2- Right Mouse Click (or ctrl + Mouse Click) on "iPhoto Library" and select "Show Package Contents".   Notice a new Finder window will display. 
3- On the new Finder window Right Mouse Click (or ctrl + Mouse Click) on the "Originals" folder (this is where hi-res images are stored) and select "Make Alias". 
4- Notice you now have a new folder named "Originals Alias".

5- Drag your new folder "Originals Alias" to your Desktop or to your "Picture folder" which should be displaying in your other finder window.
6- Open MemoryMixer and select "Browse" on the right hand side and go to your new "Originals Alias" folder.  The new "Originals Alias" will display the iPhoto's Packaged Contents.
New Products
from Stories by Me 

    Knowing Them QuickMix for MemoryMixer

    Knowing Them QuickMix for MemoryMixer

Knowing Them QuickMix contains 28 pages (including front and back covers) to get to know and remember past generations of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and even great-great grandparents. What a priceless treasure this will be for future generations to be able to know their heritage and to know those who sacrificed so much for them!
This QuickMix was designed to be printed at home.  When printing this project from home, the last page will be upside down for printing purposes.  If you send this into us to have printed, make sure that you flip the embellishments on this page over so that it will be facing up like the rest of the pages.
New Products
from Danielle Engebretson 

   Sk8r Dude Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking  

Sk8r Dude Embellishment Pack.  Hey DUDE moms!  Check this out!  This embellishment kit will have your Sk8r's flyin' high when you scrapbook their jumps, their flips and their rails (and hopefully not their wipe outs)!  Don't forget to check out the Sk8r Dude Paper Pack, WordArt Pack and Alphabet Packs, too!  Let the skateboards roll!
  Sk8r Dude Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Sk8r Dude Alphabet Pack contains grungy uppercase in green, lowercase in red, numbers and punctuation in blue.  Skate on my brotha!
  Sk8r Dude Wordart Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Sk8r Dude WordArt Pack comes with 5 different quotes that will add so much to your "boy" pages. Coordinates with the Sk8r Dude Paper Pack, Embellishment Pack and Alphabet Pack.
  Sk8r Dude Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Sk8r Dude Paper Pack comes with 14 "rad" looking papers!  These would please ANY dude!  Also get the Sk8r Dude WordArt Pack, Embellishment Pack and Alphabet Pack to finish off those "awesome dude!" pages!  Bo-ya!
New Products
from Designs by Krista 

   Daydreams Mini Pack for Digital Scrapbooking  

Daydreams Mini Pack.  Pretty mauves, greens, yellows and tans make a perfect little kit to scrap your dreams with.  7 papers in all, plus wordart and embellishments.  Grab this today and start dreamin'!
  Revive Mini Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Revive Mini Pack has 6 background papers,  frames, embellishments and wordart along with a paper flower edge.  Very cute, very vibrant colors!
  Bloomin Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Bloomin Embellishment Pack contains cute embellishments from butterflies made of ribbons to "sewn" flowers to scallop edge paper!  This pack will make you want to find ways just to celebrate life!  Oh, don't miss the Bloom'n Paper Pack too!
  Bloomin Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Bloomin Paper Pack.  What cute papers this pack has!  Geometric patterns, flowers, dots, circles, distressed, and more . . . kind of a retro feel!  10 papers to capture fun moments of your life!  These are bloom'n cute and the Bloom'n Embellishments will be perfect with it too! 
  Darlin Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Darlin Embellishment Pack in darlin' colors!  Flower borders, journaling tags, swirlies and butterflies all for you to tell your little darlin's story. And don't forget the darlin' paper pack that coordinates, too!
  Darlin Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Darlin Paper Pack.  Ooohhh!  Bright purples, greens and teals!   Oh darlin' . . . you just have to have this!  Check out the cute embellishment pack while you're at it.  (These could be used for Mardi Gras pages!) 
New Freebie
from The Little Things 

    The Little Things Wordart for MemoryMixer 


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