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    in this issue:
        welcome back Amy Sumrall
new products from: 
         Amy Sumrall
         Julie Klaus
         Ettes & Company by Fayette
         Tara Reed
         Danielle Engebretson

          the little things...that is what life is made of

DigiKnow...we've been remodeling

With the new "categories", it is easier than ever to find what you are looking for in our shoppe at 

You will find the category list on the first page in the shoppe.  There are many categories to choose from including paper packs, embellishments packs, QuickMixes, themes, designers, colors, etc.

We are still working on a few things, but thought you could enjoy Phase I.
                        Happy Mixin',

MemoryMixer Digi Know
Welcome Back Amy Sumrall
   Softer Embellishment pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Softer Embellishment Pack. Ooooooh . . . for cute!!! Love the soft pinks and blues, and the flowers are darling! Combined with the Softer Paper Pack what a sweet set to get!

   Softer Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Softer Paper Pack. These 12 papers are have such soft backgrounds and will be great for scrapping those softer moments of life! Pick up the the Softer Embellishment Pack to add to the soft character of these papers.
    Peaches Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Peaches Embellishment Pack looks so tasty! Bright oranges and greens will be perfect for scrapping days of summer and your "peachy days". Don't you love when life is just peaches and cream?!?!? Enjoy!
   Peaches Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Peaches Paper Pack has such fun, bright colors just right for scrapping those days of summer! Get the Peaches Paper Pack and life will be just "peachy"!
New Products from Julie Klaus

   Spring Renewal Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Spring Renewal Embellishment Pack. Bright yellows, greens and blues make this kit a "must have"! These embellishments just evoke sunshine and happiness. Combine this with the Spring Renewal Paper Pack and Alphabet Pack to showcase your beautiful spring pictures!

   Spring Renewal Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Spring Renewal Alphabet Pack. Spring green. What more can you say!
   Spring Renewal Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer 
Spring Renewal Paper Pack. Look how sunny these 10 papers are with their bright yellows, greens, blues and browns. These are just gorgeous and the Spring Renewal Embellishment Pack and Alphabet Pack will look awesome with these! There's nothing like the newness of spring!
New Products from Ettes & Company by Fayette 

    Some Beach Somewhere QuickMix for MemoryMixer

Some Beach Somewhere QuickMix. Boy, I'd like to be on some beach somewhere taking pictures just so I could buy this cute QuickMix! Just look at the detail of this 8 page layout! These are amazing!
    Some Beach Somewhere Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Some Beach Somewhere Embellishment Pack has more embellishments than we could fit into the preview! This will be an embellishment pack you'll be able to use for lots of different occasions! From beach parties to cruises to luau's and more. This one will be great combined with the Some Beach Somewhere Paper Pack and Alphabet Pack! Surfs up Dude!
   Some Beach Somewhere Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Some Beach Somewhere Alphabet Pack. This kit contains 5 separate alphabet packs for a total of 200 characters! Yowza!!! Combined with the Some Beach Somewhere Paper Pack and Embellishment Pack you just CAN NOT beat this deal!
   Some Beach Somewhere Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Some Beach Somewhere Paper Pack. Whoa . . . look how bright and sunny these are! Even a "sand" paper! Summer's definitely here with these 19 papers! "Hook" up with the Some Beach Somewhere Embellishment Pack and Alphabet Pack and you'll be "reelin'" in oooh's and aaah's all over the place!
New Products from Tara Reed 

   Graduation Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking

Graduation Embellishment Pack. Con"Grad"ulations Graduates! This is YOUR time to shine! Snag this great embellishment pack to scrapbook your special day! Way to go Class of 2010! You did it!
   Volleyball Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Volleyball Embellishment Pack contains frames in 7 different school colors plus a "volleyball" embellishment! Together with the Vollyball Paper Pack, your pictures will score big! Now block those shots and "gitter done"!
  Volleyball Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Volleyball Paper Pack. You'll be receiving compliments galore when your friends see 'Team Volleyball' "served" up on these papers! Vollyball Embellishment Pack is also available. Now get out there and block those shots and, mom . . . dad, get busy taking those pictures! Go Team! 13 papers in all. Yay!
   Freedom Beach Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Freedom Beach Embellishment Pack. You can't get more patriotic than this! Summer and Independence Day go together like hotdogs on buns. The Freedom Beach Paper Pack is a perfect compliment to the Freedom Beach Embellishment Pack. Now go catch some rays and give thanks to our soldiers for our freedom! We salute you!
   Freedom Beach Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Freedom Beach Paper Pack. Wow! . . . Did you see how many papers come in this pack?!?!? 20 papers to scrap your family's 4th of July celebrations! And don't forget about the Freedom Beach Embellishment Pack to finish them off with, too! Oh, say! can you see by the dawn's early light . . .
New Products from Danielle Engebretson 

   Simply Happy Embellishment for Digital Scrapbooking

Simply Happy Embellishment Pack reminds us to slow down, take life simple and appreciate our loved ones! Take a moment to tell someone how much you love them . . you'll be glad you did. Be sure to check out the Simply Happy Paper Pack while you're relaxing. :-)
   Simply Happy Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Simply Happy Paper Pack contains 12 bright and happy solid and patterned papers which, along with the Simply Happy Embellishment Pack, will bring a smile to your face! Love ya!
   Happy Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Happy Paper Pack is just a happy little collection of 6 papers to make you smile! I know it did me! Smile everyone!!

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