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        20% off everything sale
        memorymixer classes
new products from: 
         Ettes & Company by Annette
         Ettes & Company by Fayette
        Traci Murphy
         Danielle Engebretson
         Julie Klaus
         Angela Woo
         Lasting Impressions - It's another Freebie!!

 the little things...that is what life is made of

  Spring Sale for MemoryMixer

                                                Happy Mixin,

  Digital Scrapbooking classes for MemoryMixer
MemoryMixer Classes & Crop start in our Woods Cross office on April 15.
Call to save your spot today. 801.298.1979  Hurry, seats are limited.

$30 All classes & crop
$10 Crop only

Class & Crop participants will receive the Mix of the Month & more.
     Class Schedule:
        Thursday, April 15     7:00 - 8:30
        Thursday, April 22     7:00 - 8:30
        Thursday, April 29       no class
        Thursday, May 6       7:00 - 8:30
        Thursday, May 13     7:00 - 8:30

   Laptop Crop:
        Thursday, May 20     7:00 - 9:30
   Digital Scrapbooking classes for MemoryMixer
REGISTER NOW for the MemoryMixer Crop Night. If you have purchased the
MemoryMixer April/May class bundle you DO NOT need to purchase this crop.
It is included in the price of the bundle. This Crop will be held at our office located
COME READY TO HAVE FUN. Crop participant will receive the "Mix of the
Month" Kit plus additional savings the night of the crop.
Crop: Thursday, May 20 7:00-9:30
                                                Happy Mixin,

New Products from Ettes & Company by Annette

  Pirates Life QuickMix for MemoryMixer 
Pirates Life QuickMix. Ahoy there matey! Here is the perfect QuickMix to
scrapbook all of your little pirate's high adventures on the open seas! 6 pages
of swashbuckling fun. Arrrgh! (See if you can get them to swab your decks
before they're through - it's worth a try! LOL!)

   Pirates Life Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Pirates Life Embellishment Pack. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! We
couldn't even get all the pieces into the preview! Set your course and pick up
the coordinating Pirate's Life Paper Pack, Alphabet Pack and WordArt too!
Don't make me get the plank out!
     Pirates Life Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Pirates Life Alphabet Pack is the perfect compliment to finish off your little
one's pirate pages! Float on over and pick up the Pirates Life Paper Pack,
Embellishment Pack and WordArt Pack too!
   Pirates Life Wordart for Digital Scrapbooking  
Pirates Life WordArt Pack. You'll find this pack is a real treasure when you're
scrapbooking your little bucaneers and their high seas adventures. This set,
when included with the Pirate's Life Paper Pack, Embellishment Pack and
Alphabet Pack, will be worth their weight in gold for years to come. Now drop
anchor and get busy scrapping! Aye, aye Cap'n!
   Pirates Life Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Pirates Life Paper Pack. Shiver me timbers will you look at the cute papers
in this pack!!! 14 papers in all! Dig up some real treasure and add the Pirate's
Life Embellishment Pack, Alphabet Pack and WordArt Pack to your collection!
You'll be dancin' a jig! (That's better than swabbing those decks! Hee hee hee!)


New Products from Ettes & Company by Fayette 

    Child of My Child Grandma QuickMix for MemoryMixer

Child of My Child Grandma QuickMix. What Grandma wouldn't love this for
their Grandma's Brag Book! 6 beautiful pages to just drag 'n drop pictures into
in a snap! And since Mother's Day is right around the corner, what a perfect gift
this would make! . . . or for ANY day!
    Child of My Child Grandma Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Child of My Child Grandma Embellishment Pack is so full of cute
embellishments it will make it easy to make memorable pages that Grandma
will look at over and over again! What more wonderful gift can you give a
grandmother than pictures of her grandchildren? She'll love you forever!
Child of My Child Grandma Paper Pack also available.
Don't forget about the Child of My Child Green Alphabet Pack 
that coordinates well with this.
   Child of My Child Grandma Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Child of My Child Grandma Paper Pack. Happy pinks, happy blues (who
knew that the blues could me happy?!?!), happy browns and happy greens.
These papers just make me happy! What can I say! :-) Don't forget a happy
little Child of My Child Grandma Embellishment Pack too!
New Products from Traci Murphy 

   Spring Chicken Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking

Spring Chicken Embellishment Pack is so cute with it's flowers and borders
and frames and more! Spring's just poppin' up all over! Don't miss out on the
Spring Chicken Paper Pack and Alphabet Pack too!
   Spring Chicken Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Spring Chicken Alphabet Pack has a sassy little kick to it that will add
a lot to your scrapbooked pages. Combined with the Spring Chicken Paper
Pack and Embellishment Pack your pages will come alive!
    Spring Chicken Digital Backgrounds for Memorymixer
Spring Chicken Paper Pack has 13 bright and beautiful papers that are so
versatle! Combined with the Spring Chicken Embellishment Pack and Alphabet
Packs you'll be able to scrapbook a myriad of subjects!
New Products from Danielle Engebretson 

   Spring Anew Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking

Spring Anew Embellishment Pack includes WordArt, alphabets, acrylic
embellishments and more. This one is simply refreshing to look at! Alphabet
   Spring Anew Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Spring Anew Paper Pack is so clean and fresh! 10 soft colors with soft
patterns to showcase your pictures beautifully! Sprinkle in the Spring Anew
Embellishment Pack and you'll have a winning combination!
New Products from Julie Klaus 

   Daydreamer Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking

Daydreamer Embellishment Pack will have you thinking your dreaming when
you see everything included in this pack! Let me think . . . I think I'll pick up the
Paper Pack and Alphabet Pack too! Good choice!!!!
   Daydreamer Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Daydreamer Alphabet Pack is one dreamy alphabet with it's soft blue and curly
cues! Nice choice!
   Daydreamer Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Daydreamer Paper Pack is so pretty! Soft or vibrant, these papers will fit
your many moods. Combine them with the Daydreamer Embellishment Pack
and Alphabet Pack! Awesome!
New Products from Angela Woo 

   Sweet Tooth Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking

Sweet Tooth Embellishment Pack. Buttons, borders, bows and more! This
is one sweet little pack! The Sweet Tooth Paper Pack will complete your cravings
and make it one sweet set!
   Sweet Tooth Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Sweet Tooth Paper Pack has 8 darling papers you'll be able to sink your
teeth into! Combined with the Sweet Tooth Embellishment Pack you'll satisfy
those cravings in no time. I can already feel a dental appointment in my future!
New Products Freebie from Lasting Impressions 

   April Flowers Freebie for MemoryMixer

April Flowers Freebie. VERSION 2 OR HIGHER

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