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The Little Things

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new products from: 
         Ettes & Company by Annette
         Julie Klaus
         Karen Lewis
         Melissa Nuttal
         Tara Reed

 the little things...that is what life is made of

I thought it was spring...until I looked out the window this morning.

Today you could say the weather came in like a lion and out like a lamb.  I couldn't believe that I woke up to snow again...yet by afternoon it was sunny.  This newsletter is another perfect Spring day... in like a lion and out like a lamb.    You'll find something for every picture, including the snowy pictures you just took. 
                                             Happy Mixin,
                                                Happy Mixin,

New Products
from Tara Reed
Snowflake Embellishment Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Snowflake Embellishment Pack. You'll almost be able to hear the crunch of snow beneath your feet with these great snowflake embellishments! They'll add just the right touch when they're used with Snowflake Paper Pack. You can almost taste them on the ends of your tongue! Yum!
Snowflake Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Snowflake Paper Pack containes 14 ways to scrap those never-to-be-forgotten days of winter! I love the brilliant reds and the glorius golds and silvers. Don't forget to pick up the Snowflake Embellishment Pack to add just the right touch to all your winter pages. "Cuz' baby it's cold outside!"
New Products from Ettes & Company by Annette 

Sweet N Sassy QuickMix for MemoryMixer 
Sweet n Sassy QuickMix. Hey girlfriend! This QuickMix has 8 sassy little pages that will make scrapping your best friends so easy! Have fun tonight . . . scrap it tomorrow! You go girl!
Sweet N Sassy Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Sweet n Sassy Embellishment Pack
. Just look at all the stuff here! I can see I'm gonna hafta get more friends! LOL! Coordinates with the Sweet n' Sassy Paper, WordArt and Alphabet Packs.
Sweet N Sassy Wordart for Digital Scrapbooking
Sweet n Sassy WordArt Pack. Can you believe what you're seeing??? Just look at what you get in this pack! I'm in girlfriend heaven! Don't forget to pick up the Sweet n' Sassy Paper, Embellishment and Alpabet Packs too!
Sweet N Sassy Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Sweet n Sassy Alphabet Pack. Oooooo! Two times the fun in one pack.
 Hmmm . . . am I feelin' "sweet" or a little . . . "sassy"! Pick up the                  Sweet n' Sassy Paper, WordArt and Embellishments. Go!
Sweet N Sassy Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
Sweet n Sassy Paper Pack. 7 "Sweet", 7 "Sassy" . . . 14 papers in all. Nice! Don't forget the Sweet n' Sassy WordArt, Embellishment and Alphabet Packs! You'll be glad you did!
New Products from Julie Klaus 
A Mothers Love Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking 
A Mothers Love Embellishment Pack. What mother wouldn't love a gift that included these darling embellishments? Soft pinks, blues and greens . . . so nice. Coordinates with A Mother's Love Paper and Alphabet Packs. Your mother's going to cry.
A Mothers Love Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking 
 A Mothers Love Alphabet Pack. So pretty!

A Mothers Love Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer 
A Mothers Love Paper Pack showcases 12 soft papers just perfect for those Mother's Day gifts. Coordinates with A Mother's Love Embellishment and Alphabet Packs.

Sophisticated Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer 
Sophisticated Paper Pack. Oh, Julie, these are soooo cute! Everything from sophisticated to whimsical with a little stop in between. Another "hafta have" paper pack just in time for spring!
Krafty Doodle Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Krafty Doodle Alphabet Pack
. I like!!!
Stickerdoodle Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking
Stickerdoodle Alphabet Pack. Oh, I LOVE this one! Can't you just see it now on your kids' pages! Yea!
New Products from Karen Lewis
Up Close Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking 
Up Close Embellishment Pack. I love the soft greens and tans with a smidge of dark to accentuate. These embellishments will be perfect for showcasing the close ups of your loves. As Gloria Swanson once put it "... Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up". Go "capture" the "little details" of their "smile" now!
Up Close Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking 
Up Close Alphabet Pack

Up Close Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer
 Oh, wow! I love the colors in this pack! There's 10 beautiful papers that will make it so easy to scrap the close ups of your loved ones! Check out the Up Close Embellishment and Alphabet Pack too!

Sweet Nothing Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking
Sweet Nothings Embellishment Pack will have you falling in love all over again. "I love you always, forever . . . Near or far, closer together . . . "

Sweet Nothings Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer 
Sweet Nothings Paper Pack will have you shouting sweet somethings! 11 papers to make your layouts pop! And don't forget the Sweet Nothings Embellishment Pack too!
Stitch Collection 1 for Digital Scrapbooking
Stitch Collection 1 Embellishment Pack. Can't you just see the possiblities for these? Stitch Collection 1 and Stitch Collection 2 are both "must haves"! You'll never be sorry you got these.
Stitch Collection 2 for Digital Scrapbooking 
Stitch Collection 2 Embellishment Pack will keep you in "stitches" for a long time! LOL! You'll be amazed how many times you'll use these!
Everyday Labels for Digital Scrapbooking
Everyday Labels Embellishment Pack
. This pack has so many uses . . . especially when you scrap "the little things" in you life! What day is this? . . .      oh yeah, now I remember!
New Products from Melissa Nuttall
My Little Bunny Embellishments for Digital Scrapbooking 
My Little Bunny Embellishment Pack is so full of sweetness! Makes me want to give little bunny kisses! Don't forget the coordinating My Little Bunny Paper Pack and darling Alphabet Pack. You'll be glad you did!
My Little Bunny Alphabet Pack for Digital Scrapbooking 
My Little Bunny Alphabet Pack. Is this fun or what?!?!? This is way cute!
My Little Bunny Digital Backgrounds for MemoryMixer 
My Little Bunny Paper Pack. Ohhhh . . . how sweet this is. This will be perfect for scrapping your little ones' Easter morning. The coordinating Embellishment and Alphabet Packs are just as sweet as this! Here comes Peter Cottontail . . .

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