FEB 2010
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been checking out little things blog?
it's full of ideas, inspiration, challenges and more. 
we are excited to announce the winner of last week's blog challenge.....debbie ordaz!
congrats, debbie!  check out your account for your free designs...


this month's little lesson covers
how to add the next month to your existing "little things" album.
follow the simple tutorial below, to continue your
celebrating your everyday moments.

1. Download The Little Things quickmix from the MemoryMixer store.

2.  Open MemoryMixer then open the album you started last month.  I named mine "The Little Things".

3.  Once the album has opened, click "Add More QuickMix Pages" from the Insert menu located on the toolbar.

4.  Select "The Little Things February" QuickMix and click "Continue".

5.  Select "Insert Photos Individually" and "Finish"

6.  Your February pages will be inserted after your existing January pages.  Easy as that!  Now you are ready for February.  Use this technique every month as new QuickMixes are available.  Have fun!
the little things

here is what we have been working on for february,

This FREE 8 QuickMix template pages is ready to fill with y
our little things.  Album contains eight templates waiting for your february photos and journaling.  Backgrounds, embellishments are NOT included.

8 pre-designed QuickMix pages ready to fill with your little things.  Album contains eight layouts waiting for your february photos and journaling.

the little things Mini Pack is full of backgrounds and embellishments perfect for using with or without coordinating little things QuickMix.

the little things

Freebie coordinates with February "The Little Thinsgs" designs.  Enjoy!