JAN 2010
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Little Things


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the little things
has officially begun,
and we couldn't be more excited!

here is what is in store for you:
each month look for the following:
the little things newsletter
8 FREE quickmix templates
designer quickmix
designer paper/embellishment pack
(found in the memorymixer store)

each week look for the following:
word art wednesday
(designer word or quote featured in the memorymixer store)
page posting in little things gallery
(coming soon)

every day look for the following:
blog posts
facebook group (coming soon)
new friends

plenty of fun
inspiration all around you



simply download the free little things quickmix templates, designer quickmix, or start your album from scratch.
then get to work enjoying your life!
take a look at the little things around you that make your life a happy one and document them with photos and journaling.  simply add your pictures into your pages when you get a chance.
the little things quickmix pages are designed to accommodate a picture everyday, but you can adjust the pages to fit your own life.
each day, check out our blog for inspiration, challenges, motivation, and to make new friends.
we can't wait to get started and
are so excited to have you along!


this week's little lesson is all about
how to use
"the little things" monthly quickmix.
follow the simple tutorial below, and you will be on your way to creating an album you will cherish forever.

1. Download The Little Things quickmix from the MemoryMixer store.  Open MemoryMixer, and create a new album using a QuickMix.

2.  Select "The Little Things Jan" QuickMix,
and click "Continue"

3.  Select "Insert Photos Individually", then click "Continue"

4.  Name your albums "The Little Things" and click
"Create Album"

5.  Your album will appear on the screen.  The first page is the cover, followed by the title page, then the eight pre-designed January pages.

6.  Your pages are ready for your photos and journaling.  Each month you will continue to add to this album, until your little things album is complete.  Have fun!

the little things

here is what we have been working on for january,

This FREE 10 QuickMix template pages is ready to fill with y
our little things.  Album contains cover, title page, and eight templates waiting for your january photos and journaling.  Backgrounds, embellishments are NOT included.

10 pre-designed QuickMix pages ready to fill with your little things.  Album contains cover, title page, and eight layouts waiting for your january photos and journaling.

the little things Mini Pack is full of backgrounds and embellishments perfect for using with or without coordinating little things QuickMix.

the little things

Freebie coordinates with January "The Little Thinsgs" designs.  Enjoy!