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We are so excited to share our
huge upcoming project with you!

"The Little Things"
is a yearlong MemoryMixer project designed to inspire you to live a life full of gratitude.  By the end of the year, you will have created nearly a hundred-page album focused on the little things that make your life worth living.  We will provide you with layouts, quotes, embellishments...everything you need to create beautiful pages.  Your job is to start seeing the wonderful things around you each day - then to document them with pictures and journaling, and create a layout a week focusing on these everyday goodnesses.

Snap a shot of your kids playing, the yummy dinner you made, or your pets enjoying a nap.  Quickly jot down your thoughts about a beautiful sunset, or a friend that made you smile.  Simply add your photos and words to your pre-designed Little Things pages whenever you have a minute.  No need to worry about falling behind, the project is designed to take at your own pace.


Excited?  Here is a little more info:
Each month (starting January 1st) a Little Things album kit will be available for download, giving you everything you need to create the pages for the month.  A special Little Things user's gallery is set-up to allow you to share your layouts with others.  In addition, we have created a NEW BLOG designed to inspire you daily, and help you meet other Little Things participants.

More details to come next week....for now go to our
NEW BLOG and leave a comment with your
thoughts and enter our giveaway.
 We can't wait to hear from you!!!!


Thanks to everyone who entered last weeks challenge.  It was so fun to see your holiday decoration ideas.  The winner this week is Debbie Ordaz, who created these great ornaments for her tree:

Have a great holiday, and look for a new challenge in a couple of weeks!
It's not too late...
Gift Certificates Available!

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New Products

The MemoryMixer store is full of new products waiting for you! Here's a sampling of what's new this week: