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Our new Christmas Planner & Christmas Planner QuickMix(tm) is in the MemoryMixer Store. 25 pages to help keep your holidays and lists organized.  It includes Nov & Dec Calendars, Gift Lists for family & friends, pages to plan your holiday parties & more. 

Christmas Planner - 2 different Options

Option #1.  PRINTED, Spiral bound and ready to GO - We have pre-ordered a limited number of Christmas Planners already printed for you.  Each planner is spiral bound, contains 25 pages, including envelope for Christmas receipts.   Order yours today (corrected Link) ... calendars will start shipping Tuesday! 

Special Pricing Only $19.95  FREE SHIPPING
Christmas Planner QuickMix

Christmas Planner Calendar Page

Christmas Planner Rec Page


Option #2.  Christmas Planner QuickMix
(TM) - Print at home or upload to Output Center.  Watch MemoryMixer Tutorial for special upload instructions.  If you are printing at home, add your own envelope to the receipt page once printed.
MemoryMixer Christmas Planner QuickMix

Christmas Deadlines:  
December 7

Photo books, board books, calendars, &  throws must be uploaded to us by December 7 to receive them in time for Christmas!    (Start today and avoid the rush and the stress!)

Here are some quick links for easy reference to great personalized gifts available at
Digital Scrapbooking Program, PhotoBooks, Board Books, Calendars, & Throws