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Woven Throws Created from MemoryMixer Layouts

Soon you will be able to create woven throws from your digital scrapbooking layouts that you have created using MemoryMixer Software.  Check out the images on our MemoryMixer Facebook Page.  This throw was created from the cover of my Alaska book.  Click on the Throw album to read the comments on each page for more information about the throws.

It has been like Christmas around here while we waited for these samples to come.  We hope you enjoy!      -Kerry

Help us collect 200 more fans....

While you are on Facebook looking at the new throws become a fan and tell your friends.  Help us collect 200 more fans by Monday morning and we will post a 20% discount code on our facebook page.  Good for all of our fans Monday, Oct 26 and Tuesday, Oct 27.
Online Classes are Coming
and we want your feed back.  While you are on our Facebook page go to the discussion tab and leave your comment about online classes.

We look forward to hearing from you.