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Welcome Traci
New Products

DigiKnow how to combine MemoryMixer albums?  Check out this tutorial to see how, and try it yourself!

1.  Open the album that you would like to add pages to.  Click "Import from Other Album" from the Insert Menu from the toolbar.

2.  Select the album you would like to insert from the drop down menu.  Click "Select Album"

3.  Select the pages that you would like to import.  You can import one or all.  (Hold down the shift key to select multiple pages).  Click "Imort"

re 4.  The imported pages will appear in your current album!  Easy as that.  Give it a try today.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our last challenge!  Great digiknow suggestions -  we will be using many of them in the upcoming weeks.  If you entered the challenge, please check your account for a free autumn designs.  Enjoy!

This week's challenge:  Scrap a page using only autumn colors...
The page can be about anything - but only using red, yellow, and orange (plus neutrals...) 

Upload your page to the gallery by Sunday the 27th with the tag Autumn Color Challenge.  The winner will be announced next week and win free digital designs!  Good luck and have fun!
Welcome Traci!!!

We are so excited to welcome designer Traci Murphy to the MemoryMixer design team.  We love her designs and know you
will too. Here is about Traci:

Traci has always had an affinity for photography, growing up with a father who was a photo junkie. But it was when her daughter
was born that her true love of photography and design emerged. In an effort to capture every moment and preserve those memories, she started scrapbooking. This inspired her
to step it up and study how photographers capture amazing shots. Traci started with baby steps - a little Powershot - and when she bought a Canon Rebel XT and her first 50mm lens, she was officially hooked, which is evidenced by all the groans she hears from her children whenever she pulls her camera out of the bag.
Once Traci had a better understanding of photography, she began designing digital scrapbooking products for guinea pigs - her friends - to use. In 2006, she opened a digital scrapbooking store, Traci Murphy Designs. Just one year later, she joined partner Corina Nielsen to open Funky Playground Designs. She now sells digital scrapbooking products in both stores and recently joined the design team at Pink Ink Studios, where she sells graphic resources for professional photographers.
In the fall of 2008, Traci took the plunge and began taking photographs professionally. She specializes in on-location lifestyle photography in the areas of maternity, newborn, infants and children, families and seniors.
Traci has an affinity for real-life photographs taken in natural light. Her goal is to capture the essence of what is real and what is "you" with each click.
Her style is a little eclectic, but is often described as chic. She moves with the groove and loves incorporating a variety of different effects to photos.
Traci is a huge sports fan and enjoys self-defense classes. She can make a cloverleaf shape with her tongue and can often be found dancing with her kids in the living room.
She currently lives in sunny and warm Tampa with her husband, Greg, and their three beautiful children, Delaney, Colin and Derek.

Check out these designs by Traci, and look for much more to come:

New Products

The MemoryMixer store is full of new products waiting for you!
 Here is what's new this week:










Thanks to Paula Phillips for this week's freebie!  Embellishment coordinates with Paula's Among Friends designs, new this week.