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DigiKnow how to use the "Text to Shape" feature to enhance your pages with text?  Check out this page and follow the tutorial to find out how we did it.

1.  Create your page from scratch or using a QuickMix.  Click "Add Text" from the Titles and Journaling sidebar.

2.  Type your desired text and click "OK"

3.  Your text will appear on the page.  Now click the "Text to Shape" icon located on the bottom of the toolbar.   Select the shape you would like the text to follow.  For this example we selected "Inside Square"

4.  Text will follow the shape selected.  You may need to adjust the size slightly for a perfect fit.  Finish with any other titles, embellishments or journaling!


This week's challenge is all about text shapes.  Here are the details:  Follow the tutorial above and create your own page using text shapes.  Post your page in the gallery by Sunday at midnight with the tag: Text Shape Challenge.

The winner will be chosen next week and receive free digital product!  Have fun and good luck!

New Products

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