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Summer is flying by....
I hope you have been taking your Project Summer pictures. If you haven't, start today!  

There has been so much excitement about this project that I thought I would share a few of the inspiring things that I have read.  "I used to come home from work and just watch TV.  However you can only take so many pictures of the TV before it is boring. Now, I have found myself looking for things to do so I can take a picture, instead of sittiing on the couch.  I can't believe how my life has changed."  Another person noted that "In these economic times it is important to enjoy the everyday things."

Hope you are having a great summer, I can't wait to see what you have been up to.

                     Happy Digital Scrapbooking,


ps If you haven't already noticed, purchasing the Deluxe Project Summer Package for $20, you'll  receive a quality hardbound photo book valued at $30 plus a 20% discount good through September 30 for all purchases on  I bet there are some great photo books out there waiting to be printed. 

Project Summer Gallery Now OPEN!
Today's Challenge:
Get to know the Project Summer Gallery and start uploading your pages today for a chance to win a $15 Gift Certificate.  Two gift certificates will be awarded next Tuesday based on creativity.  Project Summer Contest albums should not be posted until September 1. 

To upload your pages, login to your account (children under 18, must have parental approval) and go to "my account" and click on "project summer submissions".  Make sure you upload to Project Summer Gallery and not The Main Gallery.  Then invite your friends to see what you have created, or better yet have them join Project Summer too!

Check it out... there are already posts.

Next Week's Challenge:  Working with Shapes