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Welcome Krista and Julie
New Products

Welcome Designers!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of two new designers on the MemoryMixer team.

First, introducing designs by is a little about Krista:
"As long as i remember i have been into some kind of hobby. my sisters say i got the crafty gene from my mom, who was always sewing, knittiing, ceramics, needlework...probably 3 years ago i got into digital photography and then an interest in scrapbooking hit me. well, i struggled with paper scapbooking. i was adhesive challenged or something ~ i ended up messing up every page before i finished it. so after about 5 pages i discovered digital scrapbooking and knew it was for me, love that redo or delete option.  i started with very little computer knowledge but found many tutorials and books to learn from. i find much inspiration in home decor. love it! i can watch hgtv and be inspired to do a kit from a room i see. i love to look at bedding catalogs for inspiration. so excited to be here!"
Take a look at Krista's kits, and watch for lots more to come:

We are also thrilled to introduce Julie Klaus to the our design team.  Here are some of her designs.  Look for more from her coming soon!


Here's the winner of last week's project patterns challenge:
Congrats Susan Mabry!  Check your account for free designs.

Stay tuned for next week's newsletter with a brand new challenge!

New Products

The MemoryMixer store is full of new products waiting for you!  
Check it out: