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DigiKnow that Background Builders can be used on more then just backgrounds? Check out this page featuring a background builder over a photo and follow the tutorial to find out try it on your pages!

1.  Create your page from scratch or using a QuickMix.  Insert a photo.  Click "Add Embellishment" from the Embellishment menu.

2.  Select the Background Builder you would like to place over the photo.  Click OK.

3. The Background Builder will be inserted on your page.  Simply resize and move over photo.

4.  Beautiful!

This week's challenge had such great entries!!!  Good job to everyone that participated.  This week's winner is Michelle Dickson!
Congrats Michelle, look for your free products in your account.

This is this week's challenge:  Use the tutorial above to create a page using the Background Builders technique.  Post your page in the gallery by Sunday night with the tag "Creative Background Builders Challenge".  Good Luck!

New Products

The MemoryMixer store is full of new products waiting for you!  
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