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New Products
MemoryMixer 3 is full of new features?
We can't wait to share them all with you.  This week's tutorial is all about creating custom backgrounds using Background Builders.  Check out this page and follow the tutorial to find out how to do it:

1.  Open a blank page.  Click on the "Backgrounds" tab then "Color".  Choose a solid color for the background.  (you could also used a patterned paper, the possibilities are endless!)

2.  Open the "Embellishment" tab then select "Background Builders".  The window will display all the available backgrounds.  Choose the design that you would like to apply on your background.  Click "Apply"  You can add one, two, or more background builders to create a completely customized background.  We chose Horizontal and Vertical stripes for this example.

3.  After the images have been inserted, play with the opacity!  Simply select the design and adjust the opacity slider bar on the sidebar.  Within seconds we created this plaid pattern using the opacity tool.

4.  With background builders you can create the perfect background for your page.  The possibilities are endless!

Great job to everyone who entered the My Mind's Eye Challenge!  Don't you just love their designs?  Great job everyone!
The winner this week is: Julie Farischon!!  Congrats!! Here is the winning page:

Here's this week's challenge:

Create page using the Background Builders tutorial featured above.  Post it in the gallery by Sunday at midnight with the tag "Background Builders Challenge"

Good Luck and Have fun!!!

New Products

The MemoryMixer store is full of new products waiting for you!  
Check it out: