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We have heard from so many of you.. and appreciate your excitement for Version 3.  You are going to love it!  Here are a few more details that you have been asking about.

Make sure you read through to the bottom.... we are having a special celebration and you are invited.


What is included with Version 3?
New & Improved functionality like
          Fill a Font
          Background Builders
          Project Patterns
          Drag & Drop Photo Panel
          Additional Photo Effects
          Create Borders & Frames
          Fit text to a Shape
          View albums before you open them
          Embellishment Search
          Favorite Embellishments
   It is loaded with lots of new content, including:
             20+  QuickMixes
         1000+  Embellishments
           900    Backgrounds
                          300 in 3 sizes-giving you lots of flexibility

Why QVC? 
Several of you have asked why we are launching with QVC.  It is exciting to have a product that QVC is interested in carrying.  They have shipping facilities that can handle the volume in an orderly way...that is so nice!  However we wanted to make sure that you received a great value as well. 

So tomorrow on QVC & you will find   MemoryMixer  version 3 & a collection of printables at a great value.

What about
We are so excited with our new suggested retail of $49.95 and will begin shipping on March 5. 

Will there be an upgrade available?
An upgrade will be available towards the end of March.  It will be functionality only and will have limited Background Builders and Project Patterns.  You will be able to purchase additional content if desired.  The cost to upgrade functionality is $15.

Will I be able to open my existing albums and use the QuickMixes, backgrounds & embellishments that I already have?
Yes, version 3 will install right over the top of version 2, enabling you to access all of your stuff. 

Will Version 3 be compatible with the QuickMixes on
Version 3 will be compatible with all QuickMixes found on or QuickMixes sold on disc located at your favorite scrapbooking stores. 

What if I don't have access to QVC?
You can also purchase this special value at will not be selling the same bundle that includes the printable collection.


We want to celebrate...
the launch of version 3 with you. 
The party starts NOW with a sale
30% off for our "in the mix" subscribers
use coupon code:    MMv3Launch
valid through the end of launch day, February 18

After February 18, enjoy our regular sale for 20% off through February 22 - use coupon code k8xLYf

Search for special TREATS served in the MemoryMixer shoppe ---they have been marked FREE.

If you are on Facebook,  FAce book iconbecome a Fan of MemoryMixer (one word) and have a chance to win a  $50 Gift Certificate at  Prize will be awarded March 15. 

Happy celebrating.....can't wait for tomorrow!



QVCLaunching on QVC
Wednesday,  February 18
during the crafting program
1-3 pm eastern time

Limited quantities available, don't miss out on this spectacular value.  ! 

MemoryMixer will be availabe at your local stores and at
beginning March 5.