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DigiKnow how to use import pages from album to album?  Let's say you want to compile all the pages you make in Winter 2009 into one album.  Follow the tutorial to see how:

1.  Start a new album.  Select and name and shape.  Click OK.  For this example we willing be naming our album "Winter 2009"

2.  Click the "Insert" tab on the top toolbar.  Click "Import from Other Album."

3.  The "Import Pages" window will appear displaying all of the albums you have created.  Simply select the album and the page you would like to import.  Click "Import".  The page will be imported into your current album. Within minutes you can create an entire album made up of pages from other albums.  The possibilities are endless!

Great job to everyone who entered last week's Monochromatic!  There were so many great entries, and it was tough choosing a winner!  Great job everyone!
The winner this week is: Cristy Brown!!  Congrats!! Here is the winning page:

Here's this week's challenge:

Create a page using lyrics from a song.  Use the lyrics as the title, journaling, background...whatever!  Be as creative as possible.
Here is my example:

Post your page in the gallery by Sunday night with the tag "Lyric Challenge".  The winner will be announced next week and receive free produts!  Good Luck and Have fun!!!

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