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DigiKnow how easy it is to add multiple embellishments to a page at one time? Follow the tutorial to see how quickly we added embellishments to this fun page:

1.  Create your page from scratch or use a QuickMix.  Add a background and photo.  Click "Add Embellishment" located on the Embellishments menu on the sidebar.

2.  Select the first embellishment to add to your page.  Click "Apply" at the bottom of the window.  The embellishment will appear on your page, but the embellishment window will stay open, allowing you to add more embellishments.

3.  Continue adding embellishments with the "apply" button until finished.  Click "OK".  All embellishments will appear in the middle of the page.  Now simply move and resize on the page.

4.  Add text and journaling, and you are done!  Adding all your embellishments at one time makes creating your layouts even easier.  Try it on your next page!

Great job to everyone who entered last week's New Year's Resolution challenge!  Everyone did a great job!
The winner this week is: Lindsey Black!!  Congrats!!  Here is the winning page:

Great job!  Look for free products in your account! 
Here's this week's challenge:

Scraplift a page in the gallery.  Post your page and the scraplifted page in the gallery by Sunday night with the tag "Scraplift 2".  The winner will be announced next week and receive free produts!  Good Luck and Have fun!!!

New Products

The MemoryMixer store is full of new products waiting for you!  Here is a sample, go to the store to see all the new designs! 
Check it out: