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OOPS...but don't worry!
Silly me...apparently I turned the sale off a day early when I created the coupon code.  For those that placed an order on the 7th, we will be issuing you a credit. 

Silly me...LUCKY YOU we will be extending the sale thorugh Thursday, December 11.   Coupon Code CMAS2008 

                   Have a great day and sorry for the confusion,

p.s.   I have been hearing rumors about lots of fun new things for the upcoming newsletter.  Watch your inbox.                       


Calendars, a gift that gives all year!
Our calendar uploader is up and working, we can't wait to see what you have created.
Call us at 800.936.2677 or 801.298.1979 to order yours today!  Gift certificates are one-time use with a $10 minimum.  Holiday Sale does apply to Gift Certificates.