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DigiKnow how to journal over a photo?  Like the look of this page?
Follow the tutorial to find out how we did it!

2.  Design your page with backgrounds, embellishments, and the photo you'd like to journal on.  Make sure the photo you select has a large space of color without distractions.

3.  Select "Add Text" from  "Titles and Journaling" on the sidebar.  Type your desired text in the text editor window.  Click OK.

4.  Your text will appear on the center of the screen.  Adjust the size and font to fit the desired space on your photo.

5.  Adjust the color of the text.   Choose a color that is easily visible over the photo, like white.  Adjust the opacity and add a drop shadow if desired.

6.  The finished page!  Text on top of photos is a unique way to add journaling to your pages.  Give it a try!

Great job to everyone who entered last week's Thanksgiving Memories Challenge!  All the entries were great!
The winner this week is: Kymberlee Fowers!!  Congrats!!  Here is the winning page:

Great job, look for your free products in your account!! 

Here's this week's challenge:
Use this week's DigiKnow tutorial to create a page, card, or calendar. Post your page in the User's Gallery by Sunday at midnight.  Include the tag "Photo Journaling Challenge".  The winner will be announced next week and win free products!  Have fun!!!
New Products
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