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Gifts from the heart...
As the holidays are quickly approaching, it is time to get the list finalized and the projects started.  I always love finding the perfect gift for someone, especially when I have made it myself.  No, it is not too late to still make home made gifts.  Here are some quick and easy ideas from us...

                      May your holidays be Merry & Bright!

p.s. Watch our blog in the coming days for more holiday cheer.
I unofficially started my shopping last Saturday, unofficially because I hadn't made my list yet.  Now my goal is to get my list done before Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow...I will need to hurry.  However, I am glad that I worked on this newsletter first...I have some new ideas myself. I was relieved to learn that I am not too late, and no I don't have to be up til midnight on Christmas Eve to finish...doesn't mean that I won't be.

Once you have your list ready, there is nothing like a sale to get you jump started.  Simply enter in this coupon code CMAS2008 as you check out to receive 25% off your entire order, yes on every order now through December 7!

I Love our PhotoBooks
All of our photobooks are handmade with the highest quality.  The bindingss are stitched and glued using library standards and the custom covers are engaging.  Of course I don't get to see every book that comes through, but the ones that I do see are so inviting...I want to stop and look at every pagel.  You have created some amazing books! 

PhotoBooks are definitely on my list this year.  I was so relieved to see the deadline....there is still plenty of time.  My PhotoBooks this year include a recipe book of family favorites, Lane don't read any more- a book for my DH that I will print for each of our kids. We have been married for 25 years this year.  I love the quote, "All because two people fell in love".  I will probably use this as inspiration and, with all the new QuickMixes and content that was released in the newsletter earlier today, I think it will come together quickly.  I will keep you posted...check the blog for details.  I will have to put Lane on notice, that he can't read the blog...supposing I can really get to it:)
Calendars, a gift that gives all year!
I remember the first calendars that I created. I had to scan the photos, create each background, and then take it to my local copy shop to have it copied and bound.  I thought they were a perfect gift then.  With the ease of MemoryMIxer, Calendar QuickMixes, digital photos and uploading to, it has only gotten easier and better.  I love the calendar QuickMix created by Bevin Dunn.  All you have to do is drop in your phtoos and personalize with birthdays, etc.  I love placing  photos on special days.
Best PhotoBook and Calendar pricing
Don't forget our books come with 26 pages, not 20 like many others. Plus, you get to design the front and back covers- making it a total of 28 images.  Our price for additional pages is one of the lowest, if not the lowest.  
Check out these prices...these are our regular everyday low prices. 

Yes, you can use the 25% coupon code on books and calendars ordered through December 7, 2008.  Deadline for uploading Christmas books is December 14.

New Mixin'Mini products
Check out our new products for you to use at home.  These products are perfect to have on hand and whip something out...with immediate satisfaction. All of the product pages are black, allowing your layouts to really pop! You can even add embellishments like ribbons, buttons, etc. 

Printable Sheets make the project even quicker.  They are self-adhesive cardstock sheets that you can print on,  trim and adhere.  It doesn't get any easier than that.  See some fun ideas below.

Desktop Calendar
This is a perfect gift for parents, grandparents, teachers and friends.
Great for Calendars or any square layout. 

We used the 4x4 Accordion Album and 3 printable sheets to create this desk calendar.  Each accordion album has 8 sections per side.  We trimmed two sections off for this project.  For the second half of the year, simply flip the accordion over. 

Mini Brag Book

Our Mini albums are available in 6 colors.  They create a perfect brag book, pocket calendar, quote book, birthday reminder, etc. 
Create a DVD or CD
DVD-CD Labels and Mailers 
Turn your DVDs and CDs into gifts with our DVD-CD labels and mailers.  Included mailer makes them perfect to send greetings to family and friends everywhere. 9 styles to choose from.
MemoryMixer as a Gift... Already Wrapped.
MemoryMixer (Full or Lite version) makes a great gift for Christmas, weddings, new baby or any other special occasion.  Order gift wrapping (separate item) at no additional charge through December 7.  Gifts can be shipped directly to recipient- now you can cross another thing off your list.
Call us at 800.936.2677 or 801.298.1979 to order yours today!  Gift certificates are one-time use with a $10 minimum.  Holiday Sale does apply to Gift Certificates.